2 Months

Two months ago, my life changed in the most abrupt and drastic way. Forrest was born! He's been the tiniest hurricane ever since. Here are a few things about him. 

  • He totally loves watching shadows at night. His preferred party time is approximately 2-3am, during which he smiles a record-breaking 4-5x in a row thanks to those awesome shadows created by the lamp or bathroom light. During the day, I can coax a smile out of him maybe three times. Thanks, kid. 
  • He is a fussy butt at 4pm, no excuses. Literally nothing can stop the fuss train, toot toot! Good luck watching a TV show (Keeping Up with the Kardashians is on at 6pm and I swear he knows) or cooking dinner. By 7:30pm, he's golden and ready for bed. Cool. 
  • He cracks me up when he smiles. He always looks drunk. 
  • He weighs 10lbs now and I have shoulder pain from swinging his car seat around already. 
  • He sleeps at least one 4-hour stretch every night. This may or may not happen because he's sleeping beside me. It's the only way, guys. I couldn't do the sleep deprivation thing anymore.
  • He has officially outgrown newborn size everything and is straining the seams of 0-3 month sizes. I had to order him new sleepers because apparently I didn't consider (or understand) the need for 3-6 month transitional sizes.
  • He totally loves prune juice. He gets 1/2 ounce every morning due to some tummy troubles and he loves it so much. You'd think I was giving him some kind of drug, but nope, just diluted prune juice. 
  • His favorite song is my stirring rendition of "All My Loving", of which I only know one line. I make up the rest. ("Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, tomorrow I'll miss you, just promise you'll always be true. You're my boy, I'm your mama, don't give me no drama...") 
  • I grounded him a few days ago. I didn't do anything different, but it made me feel better to say it out loud. 
  • He loves baths. Like loves them. They are an every-other-night routine and I convince myself that he looks forward to them. I don't know this for a fact, but I like to believe it. I also like to believe that he gets excited about using his panda towel, but I have no evidence to support this fact. 
  • He still eats every two hours during the day, but don't think he's content with 2oz bottles anymore. He eats 3-4oz every two hours during the day. This is why he is getting so chunky, clearly, and why I have to eat lactation cookies all day.