3 Months

One of the most confusing parts about measuring ages in months and week is the fact that the number of weeks is calculated from the day of the week Forrest was born (every Wednesday, he's a week older), whereas the number of months is calculated from the date of his birth (the 30th). Sometimes, a really confusing thing happens where a baby's month & week land on the same day. In Forrest's case, on Wednesday, he was both 13 weeks and 3 months. Most people would tell you that 12 weeks is 3 months, duh, but considering the fact that no every month has 4 weeks, that's not the case. 

So Forrest is 13 weeks (9.5 gestational weeks) and 3 months old. Here's a few things about him. 

  • He's my big buddy, my number 1 fan, my best friend, my large, warm alarm clock.
  • He still enjoys all the great things in life: being the happiest, chattiest baby at 3am; escaping tummy time with a well-timed roll; taking naps on mom and/or dad (preferably mom, not to brag); and food (half breast milk, half formula these days). 
  • He has yet to discover his hands, but I have, on occasion, thought he was definitely looking at his feet. It's slow, but we're getting there. 
  • At his last doctor's appointment (the 16th), he weighed 11lbs 7oz. I would guess he weighs over 12lbs by now. 
  • He loves his Kick and Play mat from Fisher Price. He got it for Christmas and he spends a vast majority of him time there. The mirror is a big hit. 
  • He fights naps and bedtime like nobody's business, even when he is near exhaustion. He will almost get to sleep and then, with a carefully practiced scream and arm flail, wake himself up. FOMO in action.
  • He is so far not interested in toys, but does enjoy anything that plays music (like the Baby Einstein turtle my mom got him for Christmas). He also is super into Remus (and Remus is becoming more interested in him as he makes more happy noises).