The First Trimester

As of today, I am 14 weeks pregnant. 

Let me tell you, it's been a slog to get here. I have waited anxiously to be "officially" out of the first trimester. By most counts, the first trimester seriously sucks, even if you don't have morning sickness. 

I got really cocky early on. By the time I was 6 weeks, I hadn't had any morning sickness--no nausea, no nothing--and I was all set to ride that wave onward. However, the first day of week 7, the day after my first doctor's appointment, it hit me. Nausea unlike anything I have encountered. It totally clobbered me. I spent that day, a Friday, in bed, trying to work, but mostly rolling around and whining.

The weirdest part has been that I haven't thrown up very much. Some people throw up everyday and some people never throw up. I've gotten close to getting sick several times, but never did; some mornings, I have thrown up before work and brushed it off, feeling much better. But it isn't an every day, or even every week, thing. However, from week 7 to week 11, I was nauseous  every single day from morning to evening. 

At my second doctor's appointment at 11 weeks, my doctor told me there was absolutely no reason to spend everyday feeling sick and being unable to eat. She gave me a sample of Diclegis--a medication that is basically Unisom and vitamin B6. I took it for a week and felt amazing. Then, I went one day without and got a prescription for it filled.

The day I went without has easily been one of the worst days: going from nothing to severe nausea was a doozy. However, my insurance doesn't cover Diclegis and no pharmacy in my town carried it or was willing to order it (if my insurance didn't cover it). My doctor eventually told me I could buy vitamin B6 and Unisom SleepTabs and take them together like Diclegis for the same effect. I bought 25mg vitamin B6 on Amazon (since Diclegis only has 20mg of B6 and more than 100mg can be dangerous) and have been taking that ever since. 

All I'm saying is, if you're pregnant and have lots of nausea, ask for a sample of Diclegis. It doesn't work for everyone, but if it works, it is a miracle

My worst week has easily been week 12. I had my miracle nausea cure, so I wasn't nauseous. However, I started getting bad lumbar back pain that gets worse the longer I sit (which means my last two hours at work after often the worst). I was also so tired some days that I could barely function or get through work. There are two days where I left work early, went home, and slept for three hours. I felt like I was in the early days of a cold constantly. I was groggy, cranky, and hungry.

Around week 11, my hunger went from normal and craving carbs to ravenous for every thing sugary, carbtastic, and processed. I've tried hard to keep my portions small and to try to eat healthy, but it's been really  difficult and I stress about gaining weight too quickly (although I feel like I haven't gained much since my last appointment). 

However, it hasn't been all bad. I've had some really good days in between the really bad ones. I have checked off at least 6 things on my "before baby to do list" (including painting my front door, getting shelves in my garage thanks to my dad, and buying two plants to kill and/or keep alive as long as possible*). I've read a lot of books and spent a lot of time with Danny. I've planned a spa trip and a gender reveal party. I've successfully followed through with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, and more. 

(*I am bad with plants. Very  bad.)   

I'm really excited to be officially in my 2nd trimester. I've heard that it is a really great few weeks where you might get huge, but you have more energy, less aches and pain, and therefore, a greater ability to get stuff done.