I don't like to think I fall easily into categories, but these ones are probably true:

I'm a writer. A mom. A blogger. A lover of books, coffee, and Autumn. (Can it get more basic?) 

I first started writing when I was 12. I got a laptop for my birthday and spent my first moments on it writing fan fiction and editing photos on Paint to be my future album covers. (I still entertained delusions of grandeur about becoming a famous pop star, despite the fact that I can't sing or play an instrument.) From there, I got super involved in Livejournal and Myspace. In high school, I wrote full poetry collections and created intricate covers for chapbooks that never existed. I wrote novels. I wrote huge journal entries about nothing in spiral notebooks that I carried everywhere. These notebooks featured meticulous collages of photos printed from the internet, photos of people like Tom Felton, Nick Cave, Sid Vicious, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Rotten, and Chris Connelly. (If you're wondering, yeah, that's super embarrassing. Also, what a mix.) 

At the College of Idaho, I majored in Creative Writing with a focus in poetry. When picking minors, I decided to follow my non-fiction-loving heart: Interactive Journalism spoke to me in a way only poetry did before. I graduated magna cum laude in May 2011. 

I started blogging in 2008. I interned for several female-oriented blogs, including CollegeCandy and Lovelyish, before settling into a series of receptionist and administrative assistant gigs. At the same time, I got engaged, got married, and bought my own home. In May 2014, I began working full time in content marketing and writing. If you'd like to learn more about hiring me as a freelance writer, click here

The Other Stuff

On June 23, 2013, I married my best friend, Danny. He's a high school teacher and the most patient, adorable human being I've ever had the privilege to know--let alone fall in love with. We studied Creative Writing at the College of Idaho together. I like to thinks sparks flew as we read my poetry about Opal Whitely and forest fires in our capstone. 

We live outside Eugene, OR with our chocolate lab, Remus, and our toddler, Forrest. We enjoy watching scary movies, trying new restaurants, and talking about books that we want to read (but never get around to). 

A few of my hobbies include scrapbooking, Twitter, researching everything, listening to murder-centric podcasts, and writing in my journal. I like to think I'm a cool mom, but mostly, I've been on an IV of coffee for about 18 months now.