The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has some rules that affect bloggers. Those rules boil down to one simple fact: the FTC believes that consumers should be made aware that they are being advertised to. So what does that mean for a blogger like me? 

  • If I get paid to write a post, it's advertising. 
  • If I get a freebie and write about it, it's advertising (even if I don't say nice things). 
  • If I get sent a coupon for something and write about it, it's advertising (even if I don't say nice things). 
  • If I use an affiliate link, it's advertising.

Some people don't want to be advertised to. They want to know when an ad is an ad. And I totally get that. 

The FTC rules mean that bloggers have to be honest (and trust me, before this FTC rule, there were a lot of shady bloggers doing a lot of shady advertising). Honesty is always the best policy

This blog is an extension of my day-to-day life and business. I'm a writer. I write things. Sometimes, I write about stuff I like and sometimes, I might get stuff for free, write sponsored posts, and use affiliate links--because those things allow me to keep writing & running this blog. I want to make sure that I am always honest with you, my readers, and anyone else that may come across this blog. 

I believe really strongly in the ethics of journalism. You don't steal words; you don't steal photos; you don't lie to readers. For me, the FTC rules are just an extension of those ethics. 

No matter what, all the opinions in this blog are my own. Even if I'm sent a free sample or paid to write a post, I'll never say nice things "just because". That's just not who I am and it's not what this blog is about. 

If I ever receive a product free, or write a sponsored post, the product and title will be marked with an asterisk (*) to indicate its status as an advertisement. As well, all affiliate links will always be marked with a double asterisk (**). Sound like a deal? 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this disclosure policy, please do not hesitate to email me using the form below. 

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