You look familiar. Did you have another blog? 

Yep! I used to write at Locked Out Fashion and then, Ellipsis Lifestyle. I decided it was time to move on to a more professional platform. I may return to Ellipsis in the future, but for now, it's just something I've left behind. 


Why'd you stop fashion blogging? 

The fashion blogging community has changed considerably and so have I. I went through a long depression and realized daily photos of myself (that I could compare and contrast, and therefore, obsess over my body) were not helping. I may return to it someday, but I'll content myself with simply talking about fashion for now! 


Does this blog have a niche?

I suppose this is  "writing blog" or perhaps a "lifestyle" blog if you're being generous. Mostly, it's just a blog about me, what I do, and what I think about. My typical topics are parenting, lifestyle/beauty, writing, and career. 


Why "Writing Between Pauses"? 

My old blog was called Ellipsis, a word I really love. I wanted to pick a name that was more concrete. Writing Between Pauses struck me as a way to say that writing is what I do, not really a hobby. I get a pause, a time to breathe, once I've finished writing. 


Do you offer freelance writing services? 

I do! Feel free to contact me via email in regards to pricing and options. 


Have questions? Send me an email!

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