5 Things I'm Thankful For & Not Just on Thanksgiving

My husband finds it difficult to make what I consider normal faces in photos and I'm learning to accept this fact.

My husband finds it difficult to make what I consider normal faces in photos and I'm learning to accept this fact.

I'm not a preachy person. I genuinely believe that most people know they've got it good (if they do have it good) and that occasional complaining does not mean someone doesn't appreciate what they have. 

That being said, I think everyone could do with being just a teensy bit more thankful -- and not just on Thanksgiving. Every year, people trot out their I'm so thankful! feelings and then blissfully forget about them on Black Friday, that sacred holiday marked mostly by stampedes and hysterical fights of televisions. We should be thankful all the time, not just on Thanksgiving. 

And because I'm a massive hypocrite, here are 5 things I'm thankful for all the time (not just today). 

1. My Husband.

I'm having kind of a rough patch right now. I have a lot of unexplained stress (ok, some of it is explained) and other issues. My husband and I had planned to travel for Thanksgiving, but as the day approached, I just couldn't do it. With everything else, the thought of driving 8 hours and spending a hectic (but fun!) three days with his family made me want to curl into the fetal position and cry. If Thanksgiving had fallen last week, I would have been there in a minute. But this week? I just couldn't. My husband was sad, but he also understood. He made me promise him that I would spend the next few days relaxing, taking care of myself, and spending time with him and Remus. It was a promise that was way too easy to make. 

2. Remus.

Here's why I love Remus: when he puts his ears back in his "I'm Happy!" face, he looks like Dobby; a fly was annoying me while I was writing on my NaNoWriMo novel so he caught it and ate it; he accidentally gut-punched me so hard in the stomach Wednesday morning and then immediately punished himself by going to the patio door and sitting outside for 10 minutes, clearly contemplating what he was doing with his life. (That last bit might be a conjecture on my part.) Danny and I often make fun of Remus for his smelly farts, his general goofiness, and his lack of awareness -- but he's my furbaby, always and forever, and his face will never fail to make me happy. 

3. My Mom & Dad

On Monday, I had a truly terrible day. I spent two hours with my mom, talking and letting her make me feel better. The next day, I stopped by again (who said living near your parents wasn't a good thing?) and my dad loaded my car with firewood. My parents are the best parents in the world and yes, I will fight you on that one. 

4. My House.

This is kind of a duh one, but sometimes, I just really need to appreciate that I own a house. I live in a house that is warm and extremely airtight, has a wood stove, has a pretty baller kitchen, and has enough space to hold all my slightly pack-rat worldly possessions. I also have a garage, and an extra freezer full of beef, and a backyard, and a front yard, and a really great view. I live in Rivendell and you cannot tell me that isn't awesome. 

5. My Body. 

I spend a lot of time ragging on this body of mine. I want to squish it into pants that don't fit, skirts I used to love. I make it run; I make it do 100 lunges; I make it lift weights and go grocery shopping and eat chicken and cauliflower rice. And yet, I never sit and appreciate the things my body does for me: it keeps my brain alive, it stays healthy (even when it malfunctions occasionally), and it keeps moving despite all the stupid crap I put it through. My body is imperfect, but it's mine and it's gotten me this far, so it can't be that bad, right? Now, I'm going to stuff it full of rolls, turkey, and cookies and you cannot stop me.