8 Gifts I Got for Christmas (& the One I Still Want)

1. The Romanov Sisters, by Helen Rappaport. A few years ago, I was participating in that hilarious (and weird) past-time of clicking "Random Article" on Wikipedia until I found something interesting. I was still in college at the time and I was painfully bored (and probably listening to Bones on Netflix at the same time). I stumbled onto an article about a little-known Romanov relative and, from there, started reading about Anna Anderson, the most famous claimant to being an escaped Anastasia Romanov. Cue a year-long, secret fascination with the Romanov family, one that I kept close, but never allowed myself to indulge. I didn't believe any Romanovs survived the execution -- but I kinda wanted to. When I saw the Romanov Sisters on Amazon, I immediately want to read it; Danny got it for me for Christmas and I've read over half in two days.

2. A rainbow keyboard cover. Three years ago, my mom ordered me a neon pink keyboard cover for my Mac -- I used it for a long time, but it quickly became stretched out and bubbling. Probably because it was about $1. Danny ordered me this high quality, rainbow one and I love it so much. So much. 

3. Naked On the Run by Urban Decay. I've been a fan of the Naked palettes for a long time -- they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but I loved the original. I was very meh on Naked 2, but loved Naked 3 (even though I haven't bought it yet -- I love the rose gold colors though). When Naked on the Run came out, I knew it was right for me: the same price as an eyeshadow palette, but including a mascara, liner, and lip gloss, as well as two blushes. A girl can never have enough blushes. I love this palette. 

4. New leggings that are not black. I have an embarrassing habit of wearing black leggings everyday that I can get away with it. Which is almost everyday, actually. When Danny offered to buy me two new pairs of leggings (they were buy one get one $10 at American Eagle/Aerie), I couldn't say no -- but I didn't want to fall into my same old black leggings rut. I got a high-waisted light gray pair and a dark gray pair with silver cuffs. They are basically all I wore in Disneyland. 

5. An iPhone speaker that looks like a bean. It's less a speaker and more an amplifier; it works by cramming your iPhone into a hole in the top and hitting play. The little thing then amplifies the sound. It works amazingly well. It's neon pink and, like I said, shaped like a bean. I love it because it doesn't require batteries. I mean, I've been using a bowl to play my iPhone in the shower for a few months. 

6. New Minnie Mouse Ears. I arrived in Disneyland last week and suddenly realized I'd forgotten to pack my Minnie Mouse ears -- I have a classic black-and-red glittery pair that I bought during my honeymoon. Danny promised me a new pair, so I settled on what I call "disco ball Minnie" ears. I'm quickly becoming a crazy cat lady, except instead of cats, I collect Minnie Mouse ears. 

7. Shot Glasses. A few weeks ago, I said (woefully) to Danny that we owned no shot glasses. Lo and behold, Danny's mom sent us shot glasses for Christmas. Perfect. 

8. More Bath & Body Works stuff than you can shake a stick at. Every six month, Danny's mom sends me a bunch of Bath & Body Works stuff -- it's something I look forward to. I usually get a few candles, the free May or December bag, and some much needed Wallflower plug-ins. This year, Danny's mom didn't get online in time to get the free bag, but she still sent me a bunch of candles, a bunch of Christmas-scented lotion, soap, and body spray, and a super helpful little bag of body spray, body wash, and lotion that I used in Disneyland. 

So what's the one thing I'm holding out for?

You know how sometimes, you ask for something for Christmas or your birthday and every holiday in between but no one seems to really get how much you want that thing? For me, that's fair isle sweaters. I'm always sending people fair isle sweaters that I totally love and really want -- and you know what happens? They forget about them. Another year has passed with no fair isle sweater under the tree. Maybe next year my fair isle collection will grow.