I Woke Up Like This: Top 5 Secrets to Getting Up Earlier in the Morning

Treat yo' self: getting up in the morning doesn't have to be awful. 

We all know someone who hits the snooze two or three or ten times every morning. 

That person, for me, is my husband, Danny. He hits snooze for about an hour every morning -- so by the time my alarm goes off, I've actually been awake for 30-45 minutes. Thanks, bro!

Getting up in the morning can be difficult. I go through cycles where I can wake up easily -- and then go into a phase where I wake up groggy, hit the snooze, and have no motivation. It tends to cycle around my eating and workout habits, which is incredibly motivating. Just kidding -- it's not motivating at all. 

I have found a few tried and true ways to get up earlier. Here they are. 

1. Don't hit snooze. 

I know, that's the worst. But don't. As I've written before, the more decisions you make, the harder it can be to make other decisions. So if you spend your mornings hitting the snooze, every time you decide to hit that snooze button, you're reducing your decision-making abilities for the rest of the day. Oops. Yikes. Uh-oh. Plus, hitting snooze doesn't actually give you more rest -- it can actually make you more tired. Which isn't very good. 

2. Promise yourself something. 

Bribes are not always the way to get stuff done unless you really like bribes. If that's the case, they are a really good idea. Basically, what I'm saying is: if you need to tempt yourself out of bed by saying "you can have a massive Starbucks this morning," then you should do that. Sometimes, I bribe myself with a treat, like a bagel for lunch or my favorite dinner, or something else, like a new pair of leggings I've been wanting. 

3. Set your alarm across the room. 

I know, we've all heard this one before. But it's because it works. Whether you use a traditional alarm clock or your cell phone, putting it across the room is the easiest way to get up in the morning. I actually put my phone on the windowsill so I have to physically get up and move to the coldest part of the room in the morning -- this pretty much instantly wakes me up! 

4. If you're getting up to work out, wear your gym clothes to bed. 

That way you don't have to change into cold workout clothes immediately upon getting up. It makes it so much easier to just get up and go. You literally have nothing stopping you -- you're dressed and everything! I know Charlotte at Girl Next Door does this and she runs marathons, so that's very impressive. 

5. Have everything ready. 

Waking up can be a huge pain, especially if you have a bunch today. But preparing a lunch for your work day, picking out an outfit, and getting your coffee ready to brew can make a huge difference in helping your morning go smoothly. Every morning, I have breakfast waiting in a Tupperware to heat up and eat as I get ready, plus my coffee starts brewing as I'm showering; my lunch and snacks are prepacked in the fridge, Forrest's breakfast is ready, and I have bottles prepped for the day. 

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