The Things I Don't Miss Anymore

  1. College. If you asked me a year ago if I would transport myself through space and time to redo my last year of college, I would have said "YES" without a second thought.  That time is gone though; I would respond with a quick "please God NO" now. 
  2. My childhood. This is in line with college, too. A year ago, I was very nostalgic for my childhood; I wanted to revert to that time of limited responsibility and easy fun. Not anymore. 
  3. Paying Rent. "Having a house is so much woooooork," I whined last March, three months into owning my own home. Now, as I rearrange my pictures on the wall for the fifth time, I'm really thankful that I don't rent this house. I mean, my security deposit would be gone
  4. Not traveling more. I'm a contrarian. Lots and lots of people say they love traveling and it seems like a very popular mindset to have. Unfortunately, it's not one I have and for a long time, I felt "less than" because I had no interest in traveling the world. I'm interested in other countries, but I hate the process of traveling. And honestly, I don't regret my choice not to travel anymore. I'm really glad I stayed true to myself. 
  5. Changing/"Improving" my wedding. I think lots of brides look back on their weddings and see it as the perfect day. Some look back though and see all the things they wish they could change -- I think this is all related to their personality. I'm a person who naturally picks apart everything I do in hindsight and in the moment. For a long time, I wished I could redo my wedding, change my decisions, make it better. But I'm finally in a place where I love my wedding and I wouldn't change a thing.