I'm Excited for: #30Lists in March

Are you a list maker? Do you have a problem buying those magnetic list notepads from the Target $1 section? Do you have to have a list of ideas, or things you need to do, in order to remember what on earth you're supposed to be doing with the 24 hours of your day? Does your journal read like an itemized list? 

Ok, here are my answers to those questions: yes; yes, I have a drawer full of them; yes, definitely; and yes, if a stranger read my list, they'd probably think I'm crazy. 

I know I'm not alone, thanks in part to the Internet and to #30lists. 

What is #30Lists? It is a "creative journaling challenge for people who live lists." You can check out their website here

I participated in #30Lists last March -- it was a great activity for everyday. I wasn't working; I spent a lot of my time at home; and I needed something to occupy my time. As a journaling challenge, it doesn't take up a ton of time -- but if you scrapbook each page, it's something that can add a little simply creativity to your day without being a total time suck. 

This year, I pre-made my scrapbook. However, I included the daily prompts -- which means I can't post any pictures yet. (Spoilers, yo!) I used a small, 5x7-inch 3-ring binder (slightly smaller than one of these Project Life mini binders, but very similar). I chose this because I'd made a small binder journal for my Disneyland trip in December and had leftover paper; plus, I just liked the size. It's travel compatible and compact. As well, the small the page, the less you need to scrapbook. 

I'm excited for March to start so I can get started on my lists! Only 8 more days.