I Love: Typography & Notebooks

I love Daily Dishonesty. It's easily one of my favorite typography blogs. I love good typography -- and good, fun typography combined with pithy sayings is an irresistible combination. 

That's why I'm so excited that Daily Dishonesty joined forces with Abrams Noterie to create a stationary line. Right now, the line features notebooks, a notepad that doubles as a mousepad (adorable), and a pad of paper placemats. They are surprisingly affordable and totally rad.

I'm especially fond of the set of three notebooks -- I really just want the little notebook that says I'll put on pants today, because, isn't that all of us sometimes? I use Bullet Journaling at work to manage meetings, tasks, and notes, so I go through a lot of notebook pages in a month. Having a collection of notebooks isn't a bad idea, that's for sure. 

Very rarely do I get legitimately excited about a line of paper products (ok, that's kind of a lie -- I love paper products), but this is definitely a line I will be purchasing from ASAP.