3 Super Easy Maternity Outfits (That Anyone Can Wear)

Maternity clothes. They're the worst, right? I've written about them before and my feelings are, obviously, clear: maternity clothes are awful and horrendously expensive. But as much as I'd like to say "you can do without them!" I know that isn't true. At a certain point, your jeans aren't going to be able to button and your belly band can only hold so much in. Your comfort comes first and sometimes, that means full, stretchy panels that go to the top of your rib cage. 

However, it doesn't mean you have to break the bank to stay cute while pregnant. I like to think I did so (even as I took to wearing leggings everyday after around 32 weeks). Here are three outfits, and suggestions, for keeping yourself cute and comfy during the hardest 9 months of your life. 

1. Stretchy Long T-Shirt, Jeans, & Accessories

This photoset is courtesy of KaseyoftheFields on Polyvore. I'm pretty sure she never intended it to be used as an example of a maternity outfit, but let me tell you, it totally works. Stretchy, extra long t-shirts and tank tops from Target, Forever 21, and Old Navy saved my butt (or, uh, belly) during my pregnancy. I am personally not a fan of flowy maternity tops: I thought they made me look huge. 

Instead, I invested in a good pair of maternity jeans (mine were these Liz Lange jeggings from Target) and then a variety of t-shirts and tank tops for layering. With this basic uniform, you can add scarves, jackets, cardigans, and accessories to keep your look fresh as the days pass. 

2. Maxi Skirt with... Anything

You know what saves pregnant women? Maxi skirts. They don't even have to be maternity (as this outfit set proves). If you have any belly sensitivity, which is incredibly common, jersey knit maxi skirts are sometimes the only thing you can wear. The bonus? They are incredibly affordable. I bought a plain, black maxi skirt in April that I have worn so much that it is pilling--but it was only $15. I've also found great maxi skirt options at Rue 21, Target, and Old Navy for less than $20. You can wear the skirt under your bump or you can pull it up over if you need to alter the length. 

Just like a great pair of maternity jeans, you can pair maxi skirts with essentially anything. I'm partial to layered tank tops and a great cardigan or jacket, but you can go with flowy tops or sweaters as the weather gets chillier. 

3. Basic Maxi Dress + Tops

If you're going to drop a ton of cash on anything while pregnant, I recommend a great maxi dress. Like maxi skirts, they are incredibly versatile and help with belly sensitivity. As well, wearing dresses while pregnant keeps pressure off of your bladder, which can reduce trips to the bathroom. (This is a win-win.) You might think a maxi dress has limited options, but think again. 

My favorite way to wear my basic black maxi dress during the summer was with a chambray top tied over my belly. This helped keep me warm in chilly air conditioning (without having to lug around a separate sweater or jacket) and it looked super cute. I also experimented with belting t-shirts over my maxi dress and belting a variety of cardigans. There are tons of ways to layer a maxi dress, so pick one in your favorite color and play with your options! 

For more great maternity outfit options, check out my maternity style board on Pinterest or view my past pregnancy outfits on Instagram!