How to Keep a Bullet Journal

I love my bullet journal. I've been bullet journaling for work purposes for over 2 years now. It helps me stay organized at work, monitor my priorities and work, and keep track of the various notes I take every day. 

I recently started keeping a personal bullet journal. I want to talk about keeping a bullet journal and how I started mine. To start though, I should clarify what I use my personal bullet journal for. Primarily, I use it as a way to relieve stress in the evenings (who doesn't love doodling and writing?) and to keep track of all the lists I want to make. 

I use a cheap, $1 journal from the Target $1 Spot. I primarily try to use only black pen, so that I don't have to do anything fancy. Sometimes, bullet journals can seem like these tomes where everything has to be perfect and I'd really like to let people know that it doesn't have to be perfect. You can make it as pretty or not pretty as you want. It can be a gratitude journal, a daily journal, a planner, whatever. Bullet journals are what you make of them; it stresses me out trying to make them as "cute" as some bullet journal uses on Instagram, but realistically, it's just for me. It's doesn't need to be perfect!  

Here's how I keep my bullet journal. 

  1. I keep a list of "page ideas" in the front (just after the index, it's page 2) and am slowly working through it. You can view all my bullet journal pins--complete with page ideas--on Pinterest. 
  2. Every night, I have the goal to complete one page and fill it in with writing. 
  3. I don't do "habit tracking" or things like that because, undoubtedly, it ends up boring me. I prefer journaling lists, making running lists, or just daily journaling. 
  4. I practice my hand lettering on specific pages. On my Pinterest board, you can see some of my inspiration for banners and dates.