3 Fall Projects Just for Toddlers

It's difficult for me to accept that I'm now the mother of a toddler--not a baby. A toddler! I can't believe it, honestly. 

As the colder months rapidly approach, I've been looking for fun, not-too-messy projects for Forrest and I to take on together on my stay home days. Here are a few I've found on Pinterest that I can't wait to tackle. 

1. Making Fall Wreaths 

Are these not the cutest little wreaths you've ever seen? All of the supplies are affordable and available at a dollar store. Plus, you can use something like Glue Dots (from Hobby Lobby or Michaels) instead of actual glue--cutting the messy factor waaaay down. 

2. A Fall-Themed Sensory Bin

I love sensory bins! They're so much fun, especially when color-themed. Right now, I keep a box of jar lids that Forrest loves to sort through and bang around. I love the idea of creating a Fall-themed box together out of different wooden shapes, pumpkins, leaves, and more. It will be fun to look for stuff to include at our favorite craft stores. Undoubtedly, Forrest's favorite part will probably be dumping everything out and then, you guessed it, banging the box around the living room. I know him well. 

3. A Cork Painting

This one has the potential to be incredibly messy. But I think with the right supplies (a tarp? A full-body bib for Forrest?) it would be very fun. I'm thinking of cutting out the middle man and making some edible paint for Forrest to use with his hands. Then it will be easy to just rinse him off in the bath tub afterwards! 

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