My Goals for October

My October Goals | Writing Between Pauses

I’m a goal setter by nature. It’s just how I am. I operate best when I have small, easily digestible goals. (I’ve written about this before here.

For this Blogtober, I wanted to share a few of my goals, blog-related and otherwise. I always love reading other people’s goals and, especially when taking on a project as big as Blogtober, I think it’s really interesting to share what my hope is for it. Not only does it help with transparency, but it keeps me accountable!


  1. Hit 1000 monthly views. This goal has been alluding me for months, but I think Blogtober is officially going to push me over the edge! 
  2. Hit 1300 followers on Twitter
  3. Post daily to Instagram (I struggle so much with this) 


  1. Add Sunday back into my gym routine. I had been going to the gym Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday—but then dropped Sunday to spend more time with Danny. But now that Danny is back at work (as a teacher), he needs Sundays to prepare his classes and that extra gym day will do me good on Monday morning I think. 
  2. Stick to my meal planning. I do a good job meal planning, but usually by Thursday, we’re eating turkey sandwiches or eggs and toast for dinner. 
  3. Sign Forrest up for the music classes I’ve been meaning to call about for two months. 
  4. Meet my monthly book goal
  5. Spend time with friends
  6. Take less naps in the afternoon (it’s becoming a horrible habit!) 

What are your goals for this month?