My Holiday Bucket List

My Holiday Bucket List | Writing Between Pauses

I'm really going to try to not set unreasonable expectations for my holiday season this year. Really. I promise. 

Every year, I want to go ice skating and drink hot cocoa and play somewhere with snow. I want to go to the mountains 

Every year, I barely do any of those things. Realistically, as an adult, planning activities is much less fun; driving up to the mountains isn't exactly my cup of tea, either. Most likely, we will have a few freezes, I'll worry about the pipes in our house and well freezing, and we will spend leisurely evenings at home, watching movies. 

Doesn't that sound better anyway? 

So, this year, I'm keeping my holiday bucket list... reasonable. Nothing extravagant; just the fun, Christmas-y basics. Here they are.