Beauty Review: The Beauty Crop*

Beauty Review: The Beauty Crop | Writing Between Pauses

Earlier this month, I got the opportunity to test out some products from The Beauty Crop**. I was really excited because I'd heard great things about them from many of my beauty groups on Facebook; as well, a few people I know swear by their mascara**. 

I wanted to share short reviews for each product I received. Believe me when I say, I genuinely loved all of these products for different reasons!

I want to talk about the Beauty Crop first, however, and share a little bit about their company. The reason why I decided to explore becoming an affiliate, and testing out some products, was because they are dedicated to being cruelty-free. This is incredibly important to me as a consumer; I try to only purchase from certified CF brands. Here's what the Beauty Crop says on their website: 

We are a brand inspired by healthy living and creating products enhanced with nutrition derived from natural ingredients. We avoid complex formulas and unnecessary additives, which allows us to create unique cosmetic recipes that include natural oils and plant-based extracts for products that will nurture your skin whilst delivering intense colour technology.

Our philosophy is that nutrition is as equally essential for your skin as it is for your body. Inspired by the healthy recipes we cook in the kitchen, we are passionate about creating colourful, fun and uber-hydrating cosmetics that include nutrition-rich superfood ingredients that promote health and wellbeing.

Our products are 100% cruelty-free. We do not test on animals, only on friends and family!

That is really a message I can get behind. 

Without further ado, let's dive in and talk about the products I received. 

1. GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick** in Tickled Pink

GRLPWR Liquid Lip | Writing Between Pauses

I use a lot of liquid lipsticks (which dry down to matte). When I first used this one, I kept asking myself... is this really as comfortable as I think it is? I've worn it several days now and I have to say, it's easily one of the best liquid lips I've ever owned. Very matte, very pigmented, very little transfer, and super comfortable. The photo above was taken at the end of the day with no reapplications; it's a little worn, but really lovely still! As well, check out why they're called GRLPWR Liquid Lipsticks:

Our new line of liquid lipsticks, GRLPWR, was designed to celebrate female empowerment and individuality. We are inspired to create a movement all about friendship, shunning girl-to-girl hostility, and creating a female support network encouraging self-expression.

Again, what a cool message! These liquid lips are only $14.95 a piece, which is very affordable for such a high end feeling product. The packaging, I should mention, is really gorgeous, with a frosted tube and metallic lettering. 

2. PBJ Smoothie Stick** in Peach Please

This was probably the only product I received that I was a little so-so about. It's still a great lip; if you're someone who liked a light, smooth, glossy formula for their lip products, this is absolutely amazing. Very hydrating and pigmented. The color Peach Please is an incredibly pinky-nude shade that I think would be gorgeous on just about everyone. The reason I didn't absolutely love it was because I generally prefer a liquid lip with limited transfer; with a lip crayon, you need to reapply pretty frequently. That being said, it's a beautiful color and would look great with a more natural, everyday look. These crayons are only $14.95 a piece, which, again, is so affordable for a product that is so high end. (They remind me a lot of Clinique's Chubby Sticks, which aren't cruelty free!) You can also get a set of three for $39.95 here**. 

3. Blush Duo** in Mauve-ulous 

This is my absolute favorite product, I think! I have been obsessed with blushes lately; I used to be a "same blush every day" kind of girl, but recently, I've bought a lot of new ones. I was bouncing between my Tarte blush in Paaaarty and Wet'n'Wild blush in Mulled Wine... until I got this blush duo. It has one side powder, one side cream, both in a lovely, dark berry-mauve shade. I was genuinely worried these blushes would be way, way too dark on me, but with a little finessing, they are so winter-y and give that perfect "I was just outside in the snow" look. The cream side only requires a tiny bit for a nice, flushed look; the powder side blends so beautiful and has the faintest hint of shimmer that I love. 

I read recently that dark and purple-toned blushes, while scary, are actually the ideal blushes because we actually tend to flush blue-purple in the cold naturally, so it's a much more natural look than pink or peach. Who knew? Plus, these blush duos are only $8.50 right now, which is super affordable! 

4. Lighting Crew Highlighting Cream**

I am always a little hesitant about highlighting creams, because I find that they are often too stiff and disrupt my foundation, especially if I apply after powdering. However, this highlighting cream has truly changed my life! It is a lot looser than the average highlighting cream, but just as bright; a little goes a long way! I apply it using my Beauty Blender, then usually pat out with my finger to diffuse it just a little more. It is gorgeous though, with a slightly warm, gold shift. It had vitamin C as well. It's only $12 for a tube that will last a very long time! 

*Disclaimer: I received the products in this post complimentary for the purposes of becoming an affiliate. However, all thoughts remain my own; I would never recommend something I didn't love! You can read more about my disclosure policy here

**These are affiliate links. If you do end up buying something from the Beauty Crop, I do receive a small percentage kickback. Doing so helps me keep Writing Between Pauses running!