5 Easy Non-Food Items for Easter Baskets

non food items for easter baskets

Easter is one of those holidays that is just very easy to love, but loving it can feel a bit... odd. Especially if you, like me, are not Catholic. I just really enjoy Easter baskets: my mom always went all out for our Easter baskets. I distinctly remember a few Pokemon themed baskets one year! 

I wanted to share a few ideas for easy, non-food items for your Easter Baskets--whether it's for your kids, your husband, your friends, whoever. I try to avoid giving candy as a gift because, to me, it's just a temptation! Here are a few ideas. 

1. Books

One of my favorite gifts to get Forrest is books! We picked out the book Thumper's Furry Friends together, and he has another surprise book for Easter morning. To me, there is nothing like a new book. One year, Danny got me A Wrinkle In Time for Easter. It was one of the best gifts I've ever received! This book is on my list for Easter this year.

2. Lip balm

Right now, I'm loving Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe. They have a limited edition Easter tin available at Target through Easter and it is so cute! However, the best part is that with the purchase of any Vaseline product, they provide skincare products to those in need. That's a win-win! 

3. Wet'n'Wild Liquid Catsuit

If you haven't tried this liquid lipstick yet, drop everything and get to a drug store! If you have a friend, a daughter, or a mom who loves to rock a strong, matte lip, Liquid Catsuit is puuuurrfect. (I'm sorry, that was a terrible pun.) It comes in a ton of colors. I personally own Rebel Rose and Berry Recognize. Both last all day without a single reapplication. Yes, even through eating and drinking, talking, touching my mouth, working out... For $4.99 a piece, they're the best gift. (Oh and Wal-Greens is having a buy one, get one deal, so you can snag one for yourself too!) 

4. Gift cards

Ok, I swear I put this on every list I make, but gift cards are the best gifts. Period, end of story. Whether they're for the grocery store or your favorite restaurant, they are endlessly adaptable to the person. My favorites are Starbucks gift cards (I can send them straight from my phone!) and Amazon gift cards (because Kindle books). 

5. A make up themed basket

I've been lusting after so many blush, highlight, eyeshadow, and contour palettes lately! There are so many cool affordable ones right now. If you have a friend who loves make up, it's really the way to go. I love this palette from Makeup Revolution and for only $18 (and available at Ulta), it's amazing. Throw in a few brushes, some face masks from Target, a pack of fancy make up wipes, and some lip balm and it's a make up lovers dream! 

Disclaimer: I received samples of the Vaseline Lip Therapy with Aloe in exchange for a post featuring them. However, all praise of said product is my own--it's a great lip balm! For information about my disclosure policy, click here