Beauty Review: Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Uplift Shampoo & Conditioner*

biolage raw shampoo

Disclaimer: I received these products for free via Influenster & Matrix Biolage in exchange for an honest review. To learn more about my disclosure policy, please click here

It's been a while, hasn't it? A few weeks ago, I decided to take a step back from blogging and decide what I really wanted to do. I'm still debating on what, exactly, my goals are anymore, but I think I'm back on the blogging train. More about this later. 

For now, let's get on to a simple little product review. 

I was extremely excited to try out some new hair products, especially these ones from Matrix Biolage. You can learn more about this new line of shampoos here.  

After taking an Influenster qualifying quiz, I was sent the Matrix Biolage R.A.W. Uplift Shampoo & Conditioner set. Here's what both the shampoo and conditioner promise: "Biolage R.A.W. Uplift Shampoo, with black sesame and grapefruit, purifies flat, fine hair without stripping for lightweight body." These products are 71% natural-origin and 99% biodegradable; as well, they contain no silicones, no parabens, and no artificial colorants. 

All good things, yes? 

Here's a little hair background on me: I have very thick, but very fine hair. (This is not an oxymoron: "thin" describes my hair's texture; "thick" describes the amount of hair I have.) My hair, overall, is very healthy, but very straight and very flat by nature. I also do not use heat on my hair unless absolutely necessary. I haven't used a blow drier in over two years and a straight iron in over three years. I've been using eSalon's shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair and while I like it, it doesn't do anything spectacular (although it does help eSalon's so-so hair dye last longer). 

So what did I think of the Biolage shampoo and conditioner? 

Firstly, both products have a pretty... odd smell to them. I'm 100% behind not using artificial dyes, but they smelled like, for lack of a better word, wet dirt. Not exactly what I want my hair to smell like. I soldier on, however, and used them. 

Secondly, the shampoo made my hair feel very clean and it rinsed extremely well. The conditioner made my hair feel very smooth and easy to comb after using. 

Thirdly, after letting my hair air dry, I didn't notice any additional volume or body. In fact, my hair is somewhat flatter after using both products. 

So, what's the summary? In all, I wasn't particularly impressed. The shampoo and conditioner did make my hair quite shiny, but after using both together, I feel like they don't actually do anything to provide any additional body or volume, especially if you don't use heat styling tools. My hair often has more volume if I don't use conditioner; that's an experiment I'll need to run soon and I'll adjust my review accordingly once I get the chance. 

However, for the sake of honesty: I did not notice any benefits, in terms of volume or body, in the shampoo & conditioner combination. Which is, of course, disappointing. That being said, my hair did appear quite shiny and healthy after using. 

Overall, not a terrible product, but, as with most volumizing shampoos, without heat treatments, they fall flat.