Beauty Review: BITE Beauty Amuse Bouche Liquid Lipsticks*

BITE Beauty Lips.png

As always, the asterisk in the title of this post indicates I received these lipsticks for free via Influenster. If you'd like to learn more about my disclosure policy, see here

I wanted so badly to love these lipsticks. For whatever reason, when I received the email, I interpreted them to be matte liquid lips. But they are, in fact, not. They are liquified lipsticks, which is nice way of saying a very pigmented gloss. 

I received three colors: Demi-Glace (a sort of brown toned dark purple), Eclair (a fairy standard pinky-mauve with a heavy purple undertone), and Flambe (a bright, orange-red). I wasn't stunned by any of the colors at first glance. I don't like orange reds simply because they don't look good on me. Demi-Glace is quite dark so I could make it work for Fall. Eclair is probably my favorite, but it's also a color that I own in at least ten different ways at this point! 

photo (83).jpg

My first impression, when I tried on Eclair the first time, was: "oh these smell incredibly sweet." They do smell so sweet; it's so cloying that I actually had a really difficult time handling it. Someone pointed out in a beauty group I'm in that they smell like gummy bears. That's pretty dead on, actually. 

On the lips, they feel incredibly nice: they're smooth and glossy, extremely hydrating. If you're not sensitive to smells, they will probably be fine. But if you're like me and a strong smell can give you a headache, they can be overpowering, as I said. However, they leave my lips feeling so moisturized, it's really hard to complain!

Let's talk longevity: they are not long lasting. They're a highly pigmented gloss, essentially; they stay sticky and don't dry down. Unlike lipsticks, it's not a cream or crayon. It bothered me to have my lipstick wear off bit by bit as I went through my morning and reapplying every two or so hours was a bit of a pain. But I like the color of Eclair enough to keep at it. However, the darker and more pigmented colors actually have even more issues with longevity; not only did Demi-Glace come off very easily, but it stained everything it touched, including my coffee mug. 

Would I buy one of these lipsticks on my own? Probably not. At this point, I'm either rocking a liquid lip or a classic lipstick. Gloss was never my favorite, even when I was 14 and lipgloss was insanely popular. The sticky texture is enough to drive me batty. That being said, if you do not like liquid lips and enjoy a more glossy look, these are definitely right up your alley! I've seen some of the other colors in the line and they are actually much better than the three I got. You can view all the colors here. (I really like Chai and Cava!)