Beauty Review: My March Ipsy Bag

Beauty Review: My March Ipsy Bag | Writing Between Pauses

Last month's Ipsy bag was such a winner, I knew it was going to be hard to follow up. And true to form, I found myself a little disappointed (as Danny said, dis-ipsy-pointed) this month. It's not a bad bag, though! (To read my past Ipsy reviews, click here.) 

1. Doucce Freematic eyeshadow mono in Lola, $10

If you watch my Instagram story, you saw my surprise when I popped these eyeshadow out of the little pouch and... it's just a pan. These is nothing to hold it in! I personally do not like buying eyeshadow singles for this exact reason, so I'm of the opinion that if I get sent a sample of an eyeshadow... it should come in some kind of component that makes it easier for me to store! Thankfully, I've been considering de-panning my Power of Beauty palette (the TooFaced/Nikkietutorials one), so I'm buying a magnetic palette anyway. 

This eyeshadow is really smooth and the design is very cute. The color I received is a mauvey pink, kind of cool toned. I'm not really a pink eyeshadow person; it makes me look a little like I have pink eye. But this is a really pretty, shimmery shade. 

2. Royal + Langnickel Prismatic Ombre Fan Brush, estimated $6 value

I've been wanting to get a fan brush for so long, but I haven't been willing to spend money on one (the story of my life), so I was really excited to see this in my bag this month. It helps that it's a super pretty brush anyway; prismatic, metallic, and rainbow colored! I'm really happy with how it applies highlight too; I'm a little "over" highlight and I think a fan brush applies a much lighter layer than a brush that "packs it on," so to speak. 

Note on estimated value: I could only find this brush in a set that came with a small bag and 2 other brushes. It cost $20, so I estimated that a single fan brush is valued at approximately $6. 

March Ipsy 2

3. Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Baked Highlighter in Bellini, $14

This is the second baked highlighter I've received in 2 months--and funny enough, it's in the exact same component as the highlighter I received last month. Exact same component, exact same shape of highlighter, really close in color. This one is a more peachy pink tone than lavender and while it's quite pretty, I'm kind of at my limit for highlighters (I have so many at this point). However, it's really gorgeous and not like any other highlighter I own, so I can't really complain! 

4. Tarte Cosmetics Sex Kitten Eyeliner, estimated $10 value

So, I received a pencil eyeliner in my January bag and I expressed my dismay then that I find pencil liners very dated. (No offense if you love pencil eyeliner, but my gosh, 2004 called, they want their tightlining back.) I even told this to Ipsy. And yet they sent me another one. Which I won't use. I put this right in my "donate" bin, unfortunately. 

Note on estimated value: this sample eyeliner is half the size of the full size (and only has one tip). Therefore, I estimated it is worth about half the original price. 

5. Goldfaden MD Facial Detox Mask, estimated $26 value

This mask... truly, it's the best part of this bag! I love it. It felt so good when I put it on and smelled like eucalyptus and tea tree oil, which is one of my favorite smells. I was in heaven! When I rinsed it, my skin felt so soft and smooth--even the next morning, after a night of jojoba oil, my skin felt much smoother than usual. It was a nice treat. However, a full size of this mask costs $65! That's a lot of money to spend on one single thing, but you know, it might be worth it. 

Note on estimated value: the full size Facial Detox Mask costs $65 for 50 ml; the sample I received is 20 ml, so the full size is 2.5 times it's size. I used the $65 to estimated that this sample tube would be worth about $26. 

March Ipsy

Final thoughts

The total value of this bag is $66, which isn't bad. The bag itself came with markers to color, which is very fun. However, I know from experience that even permanent markers run on fabric unless you soak it in vinegar after coloring--and no way am I dunking this bag in vinegar! I colored a few bits of the bag, but not much... I don't want to risk it getting wet and ending up with pink and lime green everywhere!

This bag was a bit of a disappointment; there was one miss (the eyeliner) and just a little bit of fatigue regarding the eyeshadow and highlighter. But one of the things i love about ipsy is that it helps me build up my collection of brushes, and try products that I would never before. It's not enough of a dud to make me cancel. If you'd like to try ipsy, click here to use my affiliate code; I do receive a small points kickback for you signing up!