Beauty Review: My 3 Favorite Pacifica Items

Beauty Review: My 3 Favorite Pacifica Items | Writing Between Pauses

I often get messages from my friends asking me the best drugstore products. Not everyone has the money to go to Sephora or even Ulta and splurge on the best skincare out there. For most people, that's not just out of their budget, but it's more time than they have to spend. Most of the people I know are working long hours, volunteering, taking care of kids or houses or both... they don't really have time to research skincare products, order from indie websites, or drive somewhere other than their usual grocery store. 

My recommendations are usually based on what I myself use... and one of my favorite brands out there right now is Pacifica. I've been seeing them at Target for a long time, but it wasn't until about 6 months ago that I started  buying from Pacifica. 

Here's why I love them: they are cruelty-free; they are affordable; and they have tons of options. Oh and their packaging is super cute. I thought I'd share my top 3 favorite items from Pacifica. All of these products are available at your local Target or Whole Foods. 

1. Kale Luxe Oil-Free Multi Cream

I recently ran out of this moisturizer and it was a really rough day! A tube lasted me about 3 months, which is pretty cost effective. (I'm using a sample tube of this Pacifica moisturizer right now; I'll write more once I know how my skin reacts to it!) I love this moisturizer because it's perfectly light and doesn't leave me feeling grimy afterwards (which is usually my issue with moisturizers). It also smells like kale, which makes me feel like it really does have a lot of kale in it! The smell is a little difficult to get over at first, but after a while I started to associate it with my evening routine. 

2. Sea Foam Complete Face Wash

I am a dedicated fan of the Body Shop's Tea Tree face wash; however, recently on vacation I forgot my travel size bottle of it and I bought this face wash at Target in a pinch. And honestly, I might have to make the switch or start using it half-time. Because I really love it! It smells like coconut and sea salt, it foams up so nice, and it leaves my skin feeling super soft. If you're acne prone and looking for a face wash that leaves you feeling refreshed and not at all dry, this is the perfect one. 

3. Rose + Tea Aromapower Mineral Bath Salts

As a bubble bath fiend, I've been trying to reduce my use of bath bombs; as much as I like them, they stain my tub! A friend got me these bath salts to try and honestly, I may never go back. The scent is super light, yet very girly and refreshing, without staining my tub or leaving me feeling like I was coated in glitter. These are the perfect relaxing treat at the end of the day!