My Top 5 Must-Have Drugstore Products

My Top 5 Must-Have Drugstore Products | Writing Between Pauses

I primarily shop in drugstores when it comes to make up. I stop at Walgreens to check out any new arrivals at least once a week (don't judge me) and I love seeing what new collections have dropped. 

The fact is, for most people out there, drugstore prices are about where the buck stops when it comes to buying beauty products. Anything more than $15 for a single item is absolutely out of my price range, as well as the price range of others. I might splurge for the occasional big ticket item, but that is very, very rare. 

I decided to put together a list of my absolute favorite drugstore beauty products. You don't have to be a beauty guru to use these products either--I like them because they are simple, they get the job done, and they don't break the bank. 

The Best Drugstore Loose Powders

1. Maybelline Fit Me! Light Finishing Powder, $7.99

I use a lot of powder on a daily basis, just to control my oily skin, and this is my absolute favorite finishing powder of all time. However, Maybelline is not a cruelty-free company, so keep that in mind. I keep using this product, however, because it is the only one that suits my skintone that I have been able to find. Here's what Maybelline has to say about this product: 

"Fit Me® Loose Finishing Powder is a mineral-based formula designed to help control shine and smooth skin’s texture with a hint of color."

Is this true? Absolutely. I use a tiny amount of this powder over my t-zone to help control shine and blur my pores just a little bit more. It does the job and adds a nice wash of color! My skin is quite pale, so I can look washed out really easily. This product weighs in at 20g, or about 0.7oz of product. For $7.99, that is a fair amount--and I can say that my first purchase of this product has lasted me over 3 months. 

2. elf HD Powder, $6

HD powder is often used as a setting powder, but it can often cause flashback, aka when you take a photo of your face with flash and you look super white. If you've ever seen photos of celebrities at awards shows where it looks like they have white powder all over their face, well, you know why now. 

However, I use HD powder a little differently: I use it before my foundation. 

HD powder absorbs oil, dries out your skin, and keeps your make up set. But using it on top can cause all kinds of problems. I learned from a few YouTube channels that you can use it beforehand if you're very, very oily and it sets your foundation better than a primer. Well, I've been sold ever since and the best powder I've ever used for this has been elf's HD Powder. For only $6, it's an absolute steal compared to other powders. One tub lasts me about a month (but I use quite a bit every day). 

The Best Drugstore Foundations

1. Maybelline Super Stay Foundation, $11.99

If you like full-coverage foundation, this one is for you. I originally saw this first on Alissa Ashley's YouTube channel (her video here). She loved the foundation, but she and I have both very different skin tones and very different skin types. That being said, I bought it a few days later. A tube has 1 fluid ounce, which is standard for most foundations. I've been using it at least twice a week since early February and my tube is halfway full. I estimate it would last around 2-4 months for the average user, especially if you extend it by mixing in luminizer or moisturizer for lighter coverage. 

2. Wet'n'Wild Cushion Foundation, $8.99

As you may remember from my Wet'n'Wild Photo Focus foundation review, I was not a huge fan. I didn't like the smell, the feel, or the look of that foundation. So when I saw thataylaa's video about the Wet'n'Wild Cushion Foundation, I was really intrigued and a little bit hesitant. However, when I spotted it at Walgreens the next day, I decided to take the plunge. I mean, why not? It's only $8.99. And guess what? I really love how this foundation looks. If you prefer lighter coverage and have dry skin, this is truly a perfect foundation for you; it's very dewy, very light, and looks really pretty on. There are certain times in my cycle where my skin gets quite dehydrated, so I end up reaching for foundations like this one. 

And despite how dark the tone looks on the packaging, the lightest shade is a perfect match for me. (For reference, I wear 44 light neutral in the Kat Von D Lock It foundation.) I personally don't use the provided sponge; my Beauty Blender applies is much faster! 

The Best Drugstore Eyeshadow

1. Wet'n'Wild eyeshadows

Whether it's the Wet'n'Wild Eyeshadow Quads or the 10 Pan Palettes, I'm not pulling your leg when I say that my Wet'n'Wild eyeshadows are my favorites. I especially like the eyeshadow quads because they are only $1.99. Seriously, $1.99. And the 10 Pan Palettes are only $4.99 each. $4.99! If you are looking for new shades of eyeshadow, they are the most affordable route and all of their foundations are really high quality, despite the price. I recently decided that I was done with warm-toned eyeshadows, so I "splurged" on several eyeshadow quads to test out some cool-toned colors. Absolutely worth it because it was less than $10 total!