Beauty Review: Lottie London Eyeliner Stamp

Beauty Review: Lottie London eyeliner stamp | Writing Between Pauses

Winged eyeliner stamps have been floating around the internet for the last two or three years--ever since winged eyeliner became back in style and we all realized that to get the perfect wing every single day took a massive effort!

For years, winged eyeliner was my look. I was an extremely dedicated fan of Kat Von D's Tattoo Liner; for a long time, it was the only liquid eyeliner pen with a brush tip. I'm not a fan of felt tips; I've tried to make them work for ages and it is just... never going to happen. It's a lost cause! However, I suspect Kat Von D reformulated the Tattoo Liner within the last year or two; the last two I bought dried out really fast and went on more dark gray than black. It was super disappointing. Plus, they went up in price to $20 a pop--which was a lot for me, especially after having Forrest.

I tried other liquid eyeliners, but found it was hard to find a formula as good as Kat Von D's. Plus, with a baby, I didn't really have 15 minutes to dedicate to my eye makeup everyday. Doing eyeshadow was quicker and I could do it with Forrest playing beside me and bumping into me. 

However, I recently stumbled upon a Lottie London Wing Woman Eyeliner Stamp at Ulta. I can't find it on Ulta's website, but you can see the U.K. website of it here. It appears that Lottie London is a brand carried by Ulta primarily online here in the U.S., as well as in some Forever 21 stores (and online at Here is everything that Ulta sells online of Lottie London

I paid around $8 for the one I bought at Ulta; if you have an Ulta near you and want to check this out, it's pretty affordable and it might be in stores. (it also appears some third party sites, like Dolls Kill, sell Lottie London in the U.S. as well; just please check the security credentials before ordering!) 

I had seen other stamps that were quite expensive, which always stopped me from using them. But for $8, I was willing to try it out, especially because I miss the look of winged eyeliner! It's a much more simple, classic look. 

Lottie London Wing Stamp Eyeliner

For this eyeliner stamp, one side is the stamp and one side is a (felt tipped) eyeliner pen. I wasn't a huge fan of the eyeliner pen right off the bat; the formula is quite thin and seeps into my extremely fine lines, even on my hand (not even mentioning what it does on my eyes!) I knew I would needed to use an eyeliner alongside it.

I have had the NYX Epic Ink Liner for a long time; it's $8 and I remember not liking it way back when I bought it, about a year ago. But after reusing it with this stamp, I've changed my mind. I really love it. 

Winged Eyeliner 1
Winged Eyeliner 2

I have round, deep set eyes that are partially hooded. (I've gone back and forth on whether my eyes are "really" hooded or not; some people say yes, some people say no. All I know is sometimes my eyeliner can disappear into the crease.) Winged eyeliner can take a lot of patience, because I usually have to draw my lines looking straight ahead into a mirror, without closing or touching my eyes; that way I can make sure my wing won't get folded up into my crease! 

The stamp comes in handy here, because it's a lot easier to use than an eyeliner pen to do that. I actually found myself not using the stamp full size (it's quite a dramatic size!), but rather using about 2/3 of it (and getting eyeliner on my eyeball in the process) to get the size of wing I prefer. Once I stamped, I then used the NYX Epic Ink eyeliner pen to fully draw the wing and then line my eyes. 

Sometimes, it worked better than others; this was mostly user error on my part. However, I found that it took my winged eyeliner routine from about 15-20 minutes to closer to 5-10 minutes. In the morning, that's pretty significant! I also felt like my eyeliner was much more even. 

If you're looking for an affordable stamp for winged eyeliner, this is definitely one to try. I have thought about what I'll do once it dries out (and I'll update this post when that happens to give a time of how long it lasts), but I think you could also coat it with your eyeliner of choice and make it work that way!