Beauty Review: Maybelline Shine Compulsion*

Beauty Review: Maybelline Shine Compulsion | Writing Between Pauses

There are few things as exciting as a new lipstick. I suspect that if you're reading this blog post, you can absolutely relate. New lipsticks are full of possibilities. Even if you, like me, tend to buy the same color over and over (shout out to dusty rose shades), there is always a question of whether it's going to look as good as you hope it will. 

When I received this Mabelline Shine Compulsion lipstick (and ColorSational Lip Liner) in the mail from Influenster, I was so excited to try it. I love lipstick. It's probably the thing I most look forward to picking out in terms of my makeup (especially as I've been rocking neutral eyes & winged liner lately). I received the color Undressed Pink, as well as the lip liner Pink Wink. Here's what Maybelline has to say about these new lipsticks: 

Shine Compulsion Lipstick is Maybelline’s most brilliant lip color - get loads of hydration, vibrant color, and an ultra-shiny finish.

Well, color me intrigued!

Recently, the trend has been shifting from matte lips to a more glossy finish. Having lived through the gloss-soaked 2000s, I can't say I'm exactly excited. There was nothing worse than getting your hair stuck in your super glossy lips--then having both ruined your lip gloss and coated part of your hair in it too! Plus, gloss requires more application and honestly, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to lipsticks. 

Let's dive in to my thoughts about this lipstick though, shall we? 

Maybelline Shine Compulsion in Undressed Pink

I'll be completely honest: the moment I opened this lipstick and looked at the shade I'd received, I was pretty disappointed. I quite like pink lipsticks, but this one struck me as a bit too... baby pink. The first time I applied it, I stood in the mirror and grimaced. My husband walked in and asked me if everything was ok. 

"Do you like this lipstick?" I asked. 

He paused, tilted his head, and then said, "It looks a bit like the one your grandma wears." 

Yes, that's it exactly: I swear it's the exact shade my grandmother has been wearing for 40+ years. It is frosted and extremely shiny. The formula is lovely, very smooth and hydrating. I don't know if it is just this color, but there is a slightly frosty, almost metallic tint. I vowed to try to make it work, though. 

I will say, if your lips are chapped, just like with liquid lips, this lipstick won't look great on the first application. It can be a bit streaky and uneven from the amount of oil in the lipstick, so moisturizing and exfoliating beforehand is important. 

In this photo: Shine Compulsion Lipstick in Undressed Pink over Colorsational Liner in Pink Wink.

In this photo: Shine Compulsion Lipstick in Undressed Pink over Colorsational Liner in Pink Wink.

In this photo, Colorsational Lip Liner in Pink Wink topped with Wet'n'Wild Liquid Catsuit in Coral Corruption. 

In this photo, Colorsational Lip Liner in Pink Wink topped with Wet'n'Wild Liquid Catsuit in Coral Corruption. 

The lip liner I received is actually darker than the lipstick itself. Pink Wink is an almost mauve-pink liner. I decided to line my lips with this and fill in about 2/3 of my lips, then applied the lipstick just directly in the center. I have to say: I much prefer the lipliner to the lipstick! It's creamy and smooth, applies like a dream, and has major staying power. I'll probably wear it on its own, to be honest! I preferred this look to just the lipstick; it toned down the frosted nature of the lipstick and gave me the most staying power (though I still had to reapply after eating or drinking anything). You can see this look on the left. 

I decided to experiment with the liner and see if it would tone down some of my brighter lipsticks. I lined my lips and filled in the outer 1/3 with Pink Wink, then applied Wet'n'Wild Liquid Catsuit in Coral Corruption, one of my favorite liquid lips, but this shade is a bit too orange-toned for me. However, the lip liner gave it a bit more pink and I loved the result! I'd wear this look again in a heartbeat. This look is on the right. (And I promise, I do wear more things than a gray sweatshirt. I just happened to be wearing the same sweatshirt on both days!) 

Undressed Pink
Maybelline Shine Compulsion in Undressed Pink Swatch

Is this my absolute favorite lipstick? No. But are there ways to make it work? Absolutely! I'm a bigger fan of the lip liner I was sent than the lipstick itself, but I'm going to experiment with blending it into some darker lip liners to see if that can allow me some different looks. As well, I'm very excited to keep experimenting with the lip liner to even out some of my more difficult lipsticks.

Disclaimer: As mentioned, I received this product in exchange for an honest review from Influenster. However, all opinions remain my own. Taking sponsored posts and complimentary products like these help me keep Writing Between Pauses going! To learn more about my disclosure policy, click here