Beauty Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask

Beauty Review: The Body Shop Tea Tree Mask | Writing Between Pauses

If you've been reading my blog for any period of time, you know that I struggle with oily, acne-prone skin. I've found a routine that is relatively beneficial for my skin (it involves a lot of jojoba oil and a recent addition of rosehips oil). One of my favorite products is the Body Shop Tea Tree Face Wash

A few weeks ago, I had a 20% off coupon at Ulta. I was in one of those moods where I didn't really feel like buying makeup. I have my routine; I have the things I use; I didn't want new eyeshadows or anything. (This may be shocking, but I believe in not buying everything out there, you know!) I was wandering through the skincare aisle, spotted the Body Shop section, and thought, "Should I buy some more face wash?" Then my eyes fell on this mask. 

It was meant to be. 

At $17, the Body Shop Tea Tree Clay Mask is one of the most expensive masks I've ever bought. But at a total of 3.85 oz, it's not a use-once-and-toss mask; this little tub will last a pretty long while!

Here's what this mask promises: 

Cool and deeply cleanse your skin with our Tea Tree infused clay mask. Perfect for blemished complexions, the instantly cooling sensation refreshes skin, without over drying. This mask will help to clear impurities while absorbing excess sebum, leaving skin feeling smoother and clearer looking.

Like most clay masks, it promises to clean out your pores and tighten up your skin, which is always a plus. This mask contains menthol to cool down your skin (great if your skin is feeling particularly red and inflamed) and tea tree to heal blemishes.

(As a note, tea tree oil is best used in something, not plain, as it can burn your skin; a clay mask is perfect. But just a warning to never, ever put undiluted tea tree oil on your face!) 

How I Use It

The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Mask

I try to keep clay masks to a minimum as they can be quite drying. Naturally, my skin is dehydrated, which is why it gets so oily. I don't want to dry it out even more! I've been struggling lately with hormonal outbreaks, as I've fallen a bit off the bandwagon when it comes to dairy (did I not learn my lesson the first time!?). 

I usually apply this mask to my t-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), then on my cheeks. Sometimes, I pull it onto my neck and underneath my jaw, as I can get quite congested skin there. I use it twice a week, maximum, but usually just on Sunday evenings when I have the spare time and need it. 

My Results

This mask feels so cooling when it goes on--that's the menthol--and smells amazing from the tea tree oil. It can definitely feel a bit tightening when you first put it on, but as it dries, it feels quite good. More soothing than anything else. Afterwards, my skin always feels very smooth and clear and my pores look quite good. 

This mask is definitely best for helping heal active acne and preventing breakouts. It doesn't do much for older breakouts (like those awful cysts that in the process of healing), but it does help sooth that wrecked feeling skin. If you have inflammation, it can be helpful with that too; I always see a reduced amount of redness in the days after I use this mask and as I use it more frequently, those days last a bit longer each time. I can get quite red when my skin is dry or struggling, so that's a huge help! 

If you're in the market for a more high-quality mask, this is a great middle price option. As well, if you struggle with breaking out, inflamed or aggravated skin, or hormonal breakouts, this is a great mask to have in your arsenal to use!