Beauty Review: Makeup Revolution Concealer

Beauty Review: Makeup Revolution Concealer | Writing Between Pauses

Every once and a while, a product comes along and gets hyped up. It might be a perfectly good product--like this one, the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define concealer--but with all the hype, it's hard to live up to expectations. 

A few months ago, I watched multiple videos singing the praises of this concealer. It's just like Shape Tape! The color selection is amazing! The wear is great! And even better, many beauty bloggers also said it was amazing. Considering it is only $7, I thought, "If I can replace that tube of Shape Tape that I don't really love, it will be worth it." 

Friends, sometimes when we hype things up as the greatest thing ever... there will only be disappointment. 

I purchased this concealer in the shade C1 (for fair skin tone with neutral undertones) at Ulta for $7. I was so excited to try it! I have a tube of Shape Tape that I've been diligently trying to use up for actual ages, because I don't really love it, but I spent $25 on it, so I feel obligated to finish it. 

The biggest question for me about this concealer was this: is this a dupe for Shape Tape? 

The answer frankly is no. And considering I don't like Shape Tape, you might think, well, isn't that a good thing? 

Well, no. Not if this is worse. 

Shape Tape is too drying for me. But this concealer from Makeup Revolution doesn't really do anything. The first time I put it on, I felt like it blended to nothing; the second time, I let it dry a little and then blended... but still, nothing. It didn't seem to cover anything. And worse, the tone of it was almost grey-beige. I found myself wondering if I had gotten a tube that was somehow different from everyone else. 

It's definitely not the worst concealer I've ever used... but I can't even count it as passable. Just like Shape Tape, I'm trying to use the tube up as quickly as I can! And thankfully, it's a rather small tube of product; I've already had to pull out the wand plunger so I can get the bits at the bottom. I find it works well enough that I can use it on my no foundation days, but it doesn't have the coverage I want and the tone of it is way, way off. 

Have you tried this concealer? Were you as disappointed as I was? Or did you love it?