Beauty Review: My September Ipsy Bag

Beauty Review: My September Ipsy Bag 2018 | Writing Between Pauses

I look forward to September all year and then, I swear, it flies by so fast, I can barely catch my breath! I can’t believe I’m writing this post exactly one week before Forrest’s birthday. And funny enough, I’m awake at 6:25 am on a Sunday… and Forrest isn’t. As if a switch flipped this past week, Forrest has finally started sleeping past 5am—and let me tell you, I really missed my early mornings of writing blog posts and drinking coffee in a completely quiet house!

Ok, so, let’s talk Ipsy: I gave a walk-through of this bag on my Instagram story last week (you can rewatch it in my beauty highlight) and… I was very underwhelmed. I’ll cover that more completely at the end, but I just want to know everyone’s thoughts: is there a point where subscriptions start getting boring?

As always, you can read my past Ipsy bag reviews here. And don’t forget, if you want to try Ipsy, you can sign up using my code here.

1. Luna by Luna Cosmetics Translucent Powder, $18 

Hello? 911? This isn’t a translucent powder.

I was so beyond excited to get a translucent, apparently setting, powder in my ipsy bag. I use powder more than any other product, easily, and so trying new ones is really fun for me. I don’t really know what this is supposed to be, but it’s not a setting powder or even a translucent powder. It is identified as the color White Sand and I can only assume that it is a repackaged highlighter. Because that’s what it looks like when you put it on! Let’s check at what they promise, shall we?

Our pressed formula offers multiple ways to utilize it while creating a flawless finish. It delivers both a natural and matte finish, blends eye shadow and is perfect for creating a flawless no makeup makeup look.

This formula promises no flashback and no color residue, meaning it is intended to be totally translucent and mattify your makeup. It doesn’t do that. There is something pearlescent about how it looks on the skin and that look stays throughout the day. It’s as if I covered my face in highlighter! The formula is more creamy like a highlighter would be as well and it doesn’t really set anything. In fact, it made my undereyes look so white and stark, I actually scared myself in the mirror.

I’ve received a few products from Luna by Luna and they have all been disappointing, from lip crayons to eyeshadows. This was a big disappointment in this bag.

Morphe Highlighter in Spark
BRTC Vitamin Mask Duo

2. Morphe High Impact Highlighter in Spark, $14

I’m very, very over highlighters at the moment, so this is a second bust for me as I most likely won’t use it. This highlighter promises to “create [an] explosive, prismatic effect so you can glow all out.” That sounds nice! It is a pretty highlighter, but it is also just a champagne-y, bronze-y highlighter. Just like the other 10 I own! (Also, I could not believe a single highlighter from Morphe is $14! Aren’t their eyeshadow palettes $20 total? Excuse me?)

3. Luxie Beauty Harley Quinn Detail Flat Definer 110, $20 

I love a good brush and this is a good brush,. It’s really cute and designed in a Harley Quinn style that I really appreciate. Here’s what the website says about it:

Liquid and cream concealers blend like crazy with the LUXIE 110’s densely packed bristles and versatile capabilities. Whether you want to mask those pesky dark circles or achieve a full coverage base, the LUXIE 110 is no joke when disguising spots or blemishes. You’ll find the charm of the LUXIE 110 irresistible as is also doubles as the perfect brush to smudge product around the water line and corners of your eyes.

For whatever reason, Ipsy had identified this as an eyeshadow brush and in the photo, I thought it was a flat, short brush for blending your undereye eyeshadow. However, in person, I realized it is a small stipling brush—another brush missing from my collection! Ipsy, if nothing else, has been great for giving me makeup brushes that I need. This one is lovely and blends eyeshadow like a dream!

4. BRTC Velvet Mask Duo, $4.50 each ($9 total) 

Face masks, as you well know, are something I love. These are from a Korean brand, BRTC, so I could only find purchase links through a (reputable) third-party website which has them listed at $4.50 each, which isn’t a bad price. I received the Vitamin F Velvet Mask and the Vitamin C Velvet Mask. Vitamin C and my skin do not get along (it makes me break out like absolutely crazy), so I don’t plan to use that mask. I did use the Vitamin F mask and gosh, it left my skin silky soft and super hydrated. Here’s what the masks promise:

* The Vitamin C mask revitalizes dull and tired skin, leaving it dewy, glowy, and gorgeous.
* The antioxidant-loaded Vitamin F mask regenerates and protects skin while preventing fine lines.

I’m never disappointed by a face mask, really, so these were lovely in a bag of “meh”.

Winky Lux Eyeshadow in Ursula
Ipsy Bag September 2018

5. Winky Lux Eyeshadow in Ursula, $10  

This single shadow is actually from the Mermaid Kitten palette from Winky Lux, which you can view here. There is something a bit repulsive and infantilizing about the “kitten mermaid” concept to me, but that’s neither here nor there except to say it was a big turn off the moment I saw this eyeshadow. As well, I’ve written before that purple eyeshadows are the hardest to create in a pressed form; purple pigments just… don’t like the eyeshadow process. And like every other eyeshadow I’ve received in the shade purple from ipsy, this one is no different. Once I start trying to blend it, it’s a dark gray-brown. It’s not ugly, but it sure isn’t purple! It’s also odd that Winky Lux, a brand known for their lip products almost entirely, took the risk of sending out purple eyeshadows in Ipsy bags. It’s not a great first impression!

Bonus Item: Cotz Flawless Complexion Tinted Sunscreen

I received a bonus item again in this ipsy because I’m trying to use my points. I picked this tinted sunscreen and I thought it would be a reasonable size. Well, as I shared on my Instagram story, it is not a reasonable size. It’s tiny! Teeny tiny! I can’t believe I cashed in 300 points for it. That being said, it’s a lovely tinted sunscreen and I’ve been wearing it every day as lightly as I can to make it last.

Ipsy Bag in September 2018 Review

Final Thoughts

This was just a bit of a bummer of a bag, wasn’t it? It’s funny because this is the first one that came with a makeup bag that I really, really like and will probably use for a long time… but the products are, to say the least, really disappointing!

In total, the value of this bag is $71. To me, that feels highly inflated: the “translucent powder” absolutely is not worth $18 and the eyeshadow isn’t worth $10. I’m still stunned by the price of individual Morphe highlighters (almost as much as one of their eyeshadow palettes), especially as you can get the same highlighter for $4.99 from Wet’n’Wild. $71 feels suspect to me, but I don’t know if my reasoning is clouded by my disappointment with my recent bags!

Am I jaded with Ipsy now? Has anyone else felt like this? I really loved Ipsy until the last 2 months, but I don’t know if it’s really disappointing bags or if I’m just over it as a concept. Anyone felt this way before? Let me know in the comments!