Best of Blogtober: Week 3

Best of Blogtober: Week 3 | Writing Between Pauses

Welcome back to week 3 of my Best of Blogtober series! I love doing this series, as I said last week, because it gives me an excuse to read nearly every blog post that comes across my timeline. I love finding new favorite blogs to read.

One new blogger I wanted to share this week is my sister-in-law and her friends new blog, the Lady Chat. Amy has guest posted on my blog before and she is funny, cheery, and always good for talking pop culture. I am so excited about this new venture and especially excited to read every blog post.

Without further ado, let’s get into it. Here are my favorite blog posts from this week:

1. What’s Stopping Your Home from Being a Haven? from Solely Living

2. Top 5 Wellness Apps from Emily Aagaard

3. How I Manage My Time as a Banker & Blogger from Halsadiya Blog

4. Bake With Me: Snickerdoodles from Simply Michelle

5. Black History Month: My Experience Growing Up Black in a White Area from Leticia C

6. My Personal NaNoWriMo Prep Kid from Anisa Nasir

7. Why Babies Can’t Drink Water from the Pink Crib