Get Excited: I'm Participating in Blogtober!

I'm Participating in Blogtober | Writing Between Pauses

The past few years, I've noticed tons of bloggers posting about Blogtober. I never really got interested in what that actually was until recently. I just assumed it was a blogging event that I wasn't part of--and honestly, I was too busy anyway. 

However, this year when I first started seeing the hashtag on Twitter, I started researching. 

As it turns out, Blogtober is just a challenge to bloggers to blog daily through the month of October--usually anything Autumn-related. Some people use it as a chance to diary and share a little bit of their lives. 

This year, I decided to participate--if only to purge all of the ideas I have for Fall-focused blog posts. I'm really excited and I'll admit to already having the entire month planned, and the first week's worth of posts written. That's right. I'm actually working ahead! I'll also be bringing back two weekly blog posts that I used to do all the thing--Things I Love (TiLT, remember when every blogger did that!?) and Inspiration Sunday. 

I hope you'll follow for all 31 days! I'll be using the #Blogtober hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. 

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Hey. So, if you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard about my newsletter. 

You know? The one you can sign up for? By clicking the NEWSLETTER tab at the top of the page? The one that gets sent out every other Wednesday at 6AM PST?  

You know, that newsletter? That I launched two weeks ago? That you can submit blog posts, Instagram accounts, or Etsy shops to be featured in

Yeah! That newsletter! 

I wanted a place to showcase something a little different from my blog--something topical, something not-exactly-blogworthy... but stuff that still mattered. I also wanted a place to feature some of the amazing blog posts I read from my friends every week, as well as their kickin' Instagram accounts and amazing Etsy shops. 

A lot of newsletters are weekly--but personally, that's just too much for me. If you know me, you know I have an email issue; I currently have 600 unread emails and I'm just actively avoiding that situation (guiltily. I won't pretend I'm OK with it). I don't want to fill your inbox with even more stuff that leaves you overwhelmed and annoyed. So every other week, 6am, a note from me and three kickass blog posts, Instagrams, or Etsy shops. It's that simple. 

You can sign up here. And if you want to be featured, you can submit that info here