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Beauty Series: My Favorite Red Lipsticks

Beauty Series: My Favorite Red Lipsticks | Writing Between Pauses

Last week, I introduced my new beauty series on my favorite lipsticks. I've been so excited about this project since November (when I first got the idea) and narrowing down my favorite lipsticks to just a few was a challenge! In my bullet journal, I'll be cataloging all my make up soon, but my lipsticks alone are numerous! 

For me, a great lipstick is long-wearing, comfortable, and affordable. These 4 red lipsticks hit all of those criteria. Let's jump right in! 

1. NYX Matte Lipstick in Eden 

This is one of the first red lipsticks I really, really loved. I am embarrassed to say that I own two tubes of it; I bought one and then, I think I forgot the name so I bought another upon seeing it. NYX describes it as a bright blue-red. It is definitely still very pinky, however, so not as true of a blue-red as I would like... but for under $6, it is extremely long-wearing. My only gripe with it is that it can be hard to apply: I usually use a liner, then a small brush to re-line with the lip color, then I fill in. If I wear a primer, it lasts all day without feeling super dry. 

2. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in Nahz Fur Atoo 

I'll be honest: these lipsticks are a little more expensive than I would usually wear, but I picked this one purely for the color. Nahz Fur Atoo is a true blue-red, a deeper color than Eden. It's the color I've been trying to find for years. At $21, it's definitely more of an investment, but I think it's worth it. Many rave about Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lip formula and while it is definitely comfortable, I find that it doesn't dry down like I expect many liquid lips to and does transfer quite a bit. (With such a deep color, it's something to pay attention to.) However, the color and comfortable wear is definitely worth it to me and I've yet to find a dupe with as perfect of a color! 

3. Smashbox Be Legendary Lipstick in Legendary

I got this from my December Ipsy bag (you can read my review here). It is a bright, pink-red that I absolutely was suspicious of, but now love. I've worn it several times since I got it in my Ipsy bag. For a more traditional lipstick, it wears for a very long time (and leaves a nice stain, so even when it wears off, you don't end up with that weird inner lip issue!) and is super comfortable. I also find that I don't need a lip liner with it; unlike some traditional lipsticks, it doesn't travel into the fine lines that are forming around my lips. At $21 for full size, it's another one that's a bit of an investment, but if you're looking for a beautiful bright red, it's definitely affordable! 

4. NYX Ombre Lip Duo in Bonnie & Clyde 

I love this ombre lip duo! It's a bold choice: one end is a deep red-plum color; the other end is a bright pink-red. I line in the deep color and then do about 1/3 of my lips (at the corners) that color as well; then I blend in the pink-red color. It gives a gorgeous ombre effect that is striking. I love both colors in this duo, but I love that, together, they blend into a very retro-looking blue-red. For only $16 (remember, it's basically 2 lipsticks--you can wear them separately!), it's a great choice if you want to try something a little different. 

Tell me: what's your favorite red lipstick?