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My Top 3 Valentine's Day Beauty Must-Haves

My Top 3 Valentine's Day Beauty Must-Haves | Writing Between Pauses

Surprise! It's a bonus weekend post. 

I don't do this very often, usually only during challenge months, but I recently got an email from the Beauty Crop** announcing a special Valentine's Day sale starting today through the 4th! Everything on their website will be 30% off. Yes, everything. 

All the lipsticks I've recommended. All their brush sets. Everything. 

I wanted to share 3 of my favorite products from the Beauty Crop that will be perfect for Valentine's Day! Whether you're heading out with your honey or just want to treat yourself, these 3 pieces will be perfect: affordable, high-quality, and, most importantly, cruelty-free. 

Glow Milk | Writing Between Pauses
Fineapple Brush Set | Writing Between Pauses
GRLPWR in Piedaho | Writing between Pauses

1. Glow Milk Liquid Highlighter** 

The Beauty Crop's liquid highlighters (Glow Milk & Lighting Crew) are genuinely 2 of my favorite beauty products of all time because they are both dupes for the Cover FX droppers that everyone mixes into their foundation. (Ok, not everyone...) I love using both, but especially for Valentine's Day, the Glow Milk Liquid Highlighter is such a good option. Made from all-natural ingredients and in a beautiful, pale pink color, it's so much fun to use because of the cute packaging. Please just imagine how cute it will look in Instagram photos! It's regularly $19.50, but at 30% off, it will be less than $14! 

2. Fineapple Makeup Brush Set**

When people ask me what item they should definitely invest in when it comes to beauty, I always say brushes; a good brush set that you love will stay with you for years! I love this one from the Beauty Crop because it comes with such a nice case and the brushes are so cute. A stand out set of brushes that you love is something that you will revel in using every day--and these ones make me so happy! This set is normally $49, but with 30% off, it will be only $34.30! For 8 brushes and a case, that's an absolute steal. 

3. GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick in Piedaho**

I love the GRLPWR Liquid Lipstick formula; it's soft and comfortable, while still being super matte and full coverage. The color Piedaho is a deep, rich, burgundy; it's so pretty, especially for Valentine's Day. Whether you're vamping it up solo or heading out for dinner, it's the perfect color to wear with your favorite outfit (whether that's a dress or pajamas at home is up to you). Normally, Piedaho is $14.95, but with 30% off, it will be about $10.50! You can get 2 for that price! 

Whether you're looking for a little treat for yourself or to invest in a gift set (like the Brewtiful Face Gift set**, a personal favorite!), you don't want to miss this sale. 30% off everything ends on Sunday, February 4--to get shopping! 

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