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What Made Me Change My Mind About eSalon?*

What Made Me Change My Mind About eSalon? | Writing Between Pauses

Back in January 2017, I wrote a post about eSalon* (you can read that original post here). I didn't know it at the time, but that blog post would single-handedly drive most of my traffic for the better part of a year. I'm not joking! It's one of my most popular posts to date. 

My original experience with eSalon was not great. I was left disappointed and, honestly, a little sad about my hair color for a while. To recap, when I originally ordered from eSalon, I selected a color called Intense Pearl: a very dark brown with violet (aka cool) undertones. After I dyed my hair, my hair was dark brown with very bright red undertones. Definitely not what I was looking for, but it also wasn't the worst thing to happen to my hair. I was disappointed, mostly because there was little they could do in terms of formulation to fix it. 

After I wrote that post, I started getting referral credits from eSalon. Despite my not-so-great review, people used my referral link. This left me in a bit of a crunch: do I order more hair dye? Do I try again? 

I decided to go for it. What's the worst that could happen? I chose a plain brown close to my natural color (Chocolate Brown) and ordered. 

That was just about a year ago. I've been dyeing my hair Chocolate Brown every 8-12 weeks ever since. 

Shortly after the original first order, when my hair ended up dark red, I told my friend I would never order from eSalon again. 

Obviously, that wasn't the case. I did order from eSalon again--multiple times, actually. Recently, I started thinking about what made me change my mind. That second order, in April 2017, was made hesitantly, but as time has gone on, my opinion of eSalon has shifted. What made it change? 

And, more importantly, why do I sing the praises of eSalon to nearly every person I know? 

eSalon | Writing Between Pauses

1. Hair Color is Personal

The thing about hair color is that it's so intensely personal. Most people have very strong feelings when it comes to their hair color: they want it to look a very specific way. Some people exclusively have their hair dyed in a salon, because it's what they know. And some people, like me, are more comfortable with box dye. I grew up watching my mom dye her own hair (and my mom has dyed my hair a lot). 

That's the thing about eSalon. I feel like they combine the best of both worlds: the fun of dyeing your hair at home (it really is fun!) and the confidence of having it done in a salon. You can get exactly what you want, with perhaps a little tinkering. 

2. The Quality (& Supplies) Make Dyeing Your Hair an Experience

eSalon 2 | Writing Between Pauses

In my second review of eSalon (you can read that one here), I talk about how I don't think eSalon's quality is much better than a box you can buy at the grocery store. 

I was still feeling pretty wounded by my original experience there. But I'm going to have to eat my words now: the truth is, eSalon's quality is, like I said, better than box dye. That's just a fact: I don't experience the same issues with eSalon as I always did with box dye. It's just a better product. 

But beyond that, what you receive in your kit from eSalon is enough to make you switch! Not only do you receive your color (developer + color), you get a box of gloves (two pairs, one for dyeing and one for the shower, which is so handy; plus, these gloves actually fit your hands, instead of being those huge papery ones) and a box of shampoo, conditioner, stain guard, and stain remover. You don't get all that with a box of dye from the grocery store. 

Everything is just of a higher quality: good gloves that fit well, good shampoo and conditioner, and an amazing stain remover. Dyeing my hair is a relaxing activity that I really enjoy, so I like to make a process of it. I even have a color kit that I bought from eSalon, with a non-skid bowl, hair clips, and a brush. That's how much I enjoy dyeing my hair these days! 

3. Customer Service

My original experience with eSalon is everyone's worst fear, isn't it? You order some hair dye, you dye your hair, and it's... not what you wanted. It's not right! It makes everyone feel a bit panicky, because, as I said, hair color is intensely personal. It's also not something you can hide very much! And if you start where I did (postpartum, with my hair my natural color and very healthy), it can feel like a bit of a punch in the gut. 

eSalon tries to make it right though. I didn't take them up on their original offer to send me a new hair color; I was just too nervous! But they were more than willing to explain themselves regarding my original color and to try and make it right--and that's something anyone can really appreciate. If your color doesn't turn out how you want it to, they do what they can to change it or give you a refund.

Why Should You Try eSalon? 

I know what you're thinking: Michelleyour first experience made you so unhappy. Did you really change your mind or are you just saying this? Nope, I'm not just saying it! I genuinely love ordering from eSalon, look forward to my eSalon box, and really look forward to coloring my hair every two months or so. If you dye your hair frequently, you probably already know how to use box dye; and eSalon is a step above that. 

If you'd like to give eSalon a try, click here to try it out**.

*Disclaimer: a noted by the asterisk (*) in the title of this post, this is a sponsored post from eSalon! However, all thoughts are my own. The double asterisk (**) on links, as always, marks that these are affiliate links; I will receive a small kickback from eSalon if you place an order. This helps me keep Writing Between Pauses running. To read more about my disclosure policy, click here