10 Years Later: High School

A few weeks ago, in my newsletter, I wrote about how my 10 year high school reunion was coming up. Can you believe that? I find it hard to believe that I graduated 10 years ago--and of course, that means I graduated from college 6 years ago. 

I feel very old saying, "I blinked and it was gone." In many ways, I still feel very young. But some days, like when my knees hurt or I'm so tired I let my son watch his Elmo DVD for the fifth time and lie on the couch, I feel positively ancient. 

This all got me thinking though: what really has changed about me in those 10 years? 

  • I went blonde. 
  • I got a pixie cut. 
  • I dyed my hair red about 100 times. 
  • I grew my hair out. 
  • I cut it short again. Repeat 4 times. 
  • I gained weight. 
  • I lost weight. 
  • I gained weight again. 
  • I started a fashion blog. 
  • I quit my fashion blog. 
  • I started a lifestyle blog. 
  • I quit that lifestyle blog. 
  • I started this blog. 
  • I started Twitter. 
  • I joined Instagram. 
  • Pinterest happened. 
  • I started dating Danny. 
  • I got engaged to Danny. 
  • I married Danny. 
  • I had a baby. 
  • I got a bunch of jobs. 
  • I quit a bunch of jobs. 
  • I did way more internships that I ever thought would be necessary. 
  • I quit a lot of internships, too. 
  • I worked a lot of early mornings in coffee shops. 
  • I spent hours and hours and hours reading about blogging. 
  • I got a job I love. 
  • I made a lot of friends through blogging. 
  • Made a lot of creepy enemies too! 

And that's all I can think of just off the top of my head. And that's just the things I've done. 

It's hard to always make a list of the ways I've changed over the years. I sometimes feel like I am still that 18-year-old girl, but I also know that she and I are two very different people. I think she'd be really disappointed by where I am--and also a little relieved that I'm not an absolute failure. I'd love to tell her how great the next 5 years will be for her, and really, that makes up for the 3 years that follow that time span ("the bad times"). I wish I could tell my high school self that things will be ok, I don't need to develop the Type A personality I currently have, and that it's ok to relax, and have fun, and you don't have to work 100% of the time all the time. 

What have you learned since graduating high school?