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5 Outfits for the 4th of July

4th of july outfit ideas inspiration

I love writing these posts. You know why? Because I don’t really dress fashionably anymore, but I still pay attention to fashion. I use Polypore on my phone nearly every day, follow fashion and OOTD Instagram accounts, and closely monitor the big trends. I just don’t dress fashionably myself anymore: beyond t-shirts, jeans, and leggings, I don’t wear much fancy anymore. And when I do, it’s the same thing I always wear for fancy events. 

This is a very long way of saying: these posts allow me to share all the outfits I collect for when I have the time and energy to dress super fashionably again. 

At least I’m honest, right? 

For non-Americans, the 4th of July can feel a little confusing. It’s a pretty big holiday here and we tend to take it very seriously. It’s all about barbecues, fireworks, and dressing in red, white, and blue. As well, for most of the country, the 4th of July marks the true start of the summer: in Oregon, it’s usually rainy up until early July, so it’s either still rainy or our first warm day. (Not so true this year or the last few!) However, for most of the country, it’s swelteringly hot by July, so outfits have to include the colors of our flag, but also be designed for being super, duper sweaty. 

With that in mind, these are 5 outfits for some 4th of July inspiration. 

1. The Traditionalist 

Plain and simple, this is a very classic 4th of July outfit and perfect for just about everyone. Whether you’re a single lady or a mom, it’s the perfect summer outfit. It’s also great for if you’re in an area where it isn’t very warm yet. Some cool jeans with a basic tank top, some on-trend sliders, and a cute bag and sunnies—it really doesn’t get more Americana. 

2. The Over-the-Top

Do you love the 4th of July? Like, go to a parade, a fair, fireworks, every barbecue you can, the lake, and everywhere in between love? Then this is your outfit. It’s literal. A cute, breezy red top with a very traditional, A-line polka dot skirt screams old school American; combine with red-white-and-blue nail polish, a cute bracelet, and some star-shaped earrings, and you might as well be the parade. 

3. The Understated

If you don’t want to seem too, you know, into it, this is the perfect outfit. I also love the old school uniform vibe. A cute blue-and-white checked skirt with a slouchy-and-still-breezy button up top, red scarf and your favorite tennis shoes are perfect for a casual barbecue or going to watch the fireworks. 

4. The It-Is-So-Hot-I-Might-Die

Ok, so you’re not going for fashion. This is purely functional. Where you are, it’s hot. Like, step outside and feel like you’ve somehow gotten trapped underneath a huge iron hot. Cute shorts and a tank top are all that’s going to save you; add a cardigan for when the sun goes down and it starts to get cold. But otherwise, keep it simple with your hair up (those barrettes!), some scrappy sandals, and a cool bag. 

5. The Girly-Girl

If it’s hot where you are (like with the outfit above), this is another great option if you aren’t comfortable wearing short-shorts out everywhere. A cute, breezy, crocheted sundress, a big straw hat to protect that beautiful skin, and some scrappy sandals are juuuuuust patriotic enough to get by. Add some red earrings and maybe a blue necklace to complete the look. 

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