too faced sweet peach palette

Beauty Review: Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

too faced sweet peach palette

I know there have been literally hundreds of reviews about the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette. But what can I say? I have things to say about it too! 

My husband bought me the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette as a Valentine's Day present. When I say "my husband bought me" it, what I mean is, we went to Ulta together, I picked it out, I bought it. He just happened to be there with me and we pretended it was from him. This works out for everyone involved. 

I've had the palette for two weeks now. What do I think of it? Here are my thoughts. 

When it comes to eyeshadow, I typically use the same colors over and over again. I heavily favor my Naked (original) and Naked Smokey palettes, as well as the Too Faced x Nikkitutorials palette. I usually wear brown tones, with a little glitter or metallic thrown in. 

This palette is definitely a deviation for me. The addition of pink shades was... a little scary. I tend to look a little like I have the flu when I try to wear pink shadows. I find that if I'm not careful, even with these pretty peachy shades, I can look a little like I'm on the tail-end of a multiple day bender. However, I've found some ways around that: using eyeliner or keeping the pinks in the crease, as opposed to over the lid. 

So if that's a concern for you regarding this palette, there are ways around it. The prettiness of the colors definitely took away from that fear for me; these aren't the garish shades of pink I tried to wear in high school, that's for sure. 

Let's talk about the peach scent. I'll be totally honest: the peach scent is lovely, but sometimes in the morning as I'm getting ready, it's just a little.... much. It's so strong. It doesn't fade the longer you have the palette. And it's just so cloying. It reminds me of those scented markers I used when I was a kid. The peach scent is easy to ignore about 90% of the time; the other 10%, I have to set it aside and do something else until it clears. Whew! 

The shades I've used the most so far are: 

  • White peach (a sheer, white color that's perfect as a base color) 
  • Nectar (a shimmery, yellow color) 
  • Puree (a matte, orange-brown) 
  • Summer Yum (a matte, darker orange) 
  • Just Peachy (a shimmery, light, peach pink) 
  • Crushed Peach (a semi-matte, darker peach pink) 
  • Luscious (a shimmery, light brown) 
  • Cobbler (a shimmery, dark brown)

I typically use Nectar on my entire lid, then use a combination of shades in the crease, typically starting with a light shade like Georgia (a pale pink), then Puree, then either Crushed Peach or Summer Yum, depending on what look I'm going for. Then, I usually use Cobbler and Luscious on my bottom lid lash line. 

I haven't gotten a chance to experiment with the shade Bless Her Heart; it's a really pretty, shimmery, military green... definitely out of my comfort zone. I like the plum shades in the palette (Peach Pit and Delectable), but both are very dark and I find them hard to build on. That's a me-problem, though. I do like the shade Talk Derby to Me: it's a shimmery, super dark black. Would be great for an evening, smoky eye look. 

So what's my final verdict? 

I really love this palette, but it's definitely a more difficult palette to get used to. Pinks are difficult. But the combination of plums, oranges, and browns in this palette make it easy to find looks that work and are still peachy and summery. 

If you are sensitive to smells, this also may not be the palette for you. I'm usually not, but the peach scent does get to me sometimes.