A Few Really Good Things

One of my oldest blog friends, Sian, recently posted about some "Good Things" and included me in her blog post! It made me realize that I haven't written something that just celebrated the good stuff in my life (without also dredging up my current pregnancy-driven hormonal upheaval). You can read Sian's post here... and here are a few of my own good things! 

1. Baby Clothes. 

Is there anything cuter than teeny tiny baby clothes? Finally knowing the little guy's gender has opened up a lot of possibilities for clothes! I'm a big fan of the Cool Like Dad onesie and the wee knitted high-top shoes on the upper left! On Mother's Day, my sister also brought me a tote of my nephew's clothes from when they were babies, which was very exciting! 

2. Maternity Photos. 

A few weeks ago, Danny and I did a set of "maternity photos" (basically "we're expecting!" photos), which basically serve as the last pictures of us (professionally done) before we always have to wrangle a child in them! I really like the results, even if I look a bit bloated in all of them. (Truth: I was a bit bloated in all of them. It's not just a look thing!) 

3. Baking

A hobby I went a long time without indulging, but this past weekend, I really got my baking on! I forgot to take a picture of the baby onesie cookies I made, but they turned out quite cute! I made teal-blue cupcakes for my barbecue this past weekend and I made myself some mocha donuts for breakfast that morning. Because I could. 

4. Naps. 

One of the overwhelming narratives of my life lately is: I'm tired, I need a nap. And I do legitimately need a nap. This is where working from home comes in handy; I can send out an email, excuse myself, and pass out for an hour or two (with Remus on my head). It's strange how I can go from working happily to "if I don't lie down, I'm going to fall down." 

5. Sunny days. 

This past weekend was a gorgeous, glorious, beautiful May weekend, kind of a strange thing here in Oregon. It was lucky it was Mother's Day--lots of barbecues to be had! I spent most of my day outside Saturday planning my own generally baby-themed BBQ and then Sunday, I spent time at my parents house while Danny finished up homework. 

6. Relaxing

This post does not really encompass the crazy-busy pace of my life in the past two weeks. Unfortunately, one of my coworkers was out sick for nearly a month--which meant that his 40 hours of work were split between me and one or two other coworkers!! The past two weeks have been a blur, so being able to kick back and relax (even with cooking and planning and everything else) on the weekends is really important. And probably why I need so many naps!