5 Polyvore Sets for Ultimate Late Autumn Outfit Inspiration

I love Polyvore. Where else can you find outfit inspiration, make up inspiration, and shopping all in one place? You can follow me on Polyvore here, but I thought I'd share 5 of my favorite sets for late autumn. 

I'm dying over this yellow moto jacket!! This is definitely a brighter color palette than the typical autumn outfit--but if you live in a warmer climate, it'd be absolutely perfect. If you're in one of those places that starts getting snow in November, however, you could add tights, replace the flats with boots, and still be stylin'. 

I'm a sucker for shirt dresses--so combining a great plaid with a tried-and-true silhouette is a no-brainer. I really love a long cardigan as well. I wouldn't personally wear over-the-knee boots (because do they even make them wide calf?), but I do love the bright boots as an accent. 

I'm kind of obsessed with sweaters featuring deer heads. That's probably weird, right? Either way, this one is adorable and definitely fits the whimsical autumn theme. I'd replace the shoes with boots, personally, and nix the frilly socks. 

Remember American Horror Story: Coven? For whatever reason, this outfit strikes me as what Missy would wear if she was a swamp witch somewhere that actually had seasons. Right? I love the muted green color scheme, the herbology elements, and of course, those boots. Witchy. If we can't be witchy in autumn, then when can we be witchy? 

Of all the sets, this is the one I can most definitely see myself wearing. Because I own a similar jacket, similar shoes, similar scarf, and a similar bag. So I've pretty much got it set. I love combining gray and brown and think it's the perfect way to merry typical autumn and winter color schemes. 

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