3 Best Candles for Autumn

3 Best Candles for Autumn | Writing Between Pauses

It’s finally here: Blogtober (and October). This is the month I look forward to most throughout the year: it’s my birthday month, the start of the holiday season for me, and include Halloween, one of my favorite holidays. I love the colors of falling leaves; I love pumpkin patches; I love warm, spicy scented candles, orange holiday lights, thick scarves, and boots. I love everything about Autumn.

I’ve been looking forward to Blogtober for ages. It hasn’t been far from my mind since the beginning of August. Yep, that’s when I started making graphics, drafting posts, and getting everything scheduled. I know that seems quite early, but posting every single day takes a lot of advanced effort!

Without further ado, let’s jump into the first post: 3 candles perfect for your home, apartment, or bedroom this season. When picking scents, I stuck to my favorites: I like sweet, spicy scents, as well as more herbals scents. I hope you love these ones as much as I do! And don’t forget to leave me your favorites in the comments.

1. Leaves from Bath & Body Works

If I had to say a favorite candle from Bath & Body Works, it would be this one (or maybe Kitchen Spice, which they don’t make anymore). Leaves is scented with apple, nectar, and clove spices, making it the perfect almost apple cider scent: not too apple-y, not to sweet, very Autumnal. To me, this candle can also smell very pumpkin-like, as well as that smell of crisp leaves. Nothing gets me in the Fall spirit quite like this candle!

2. Hickory Clove from Decoware

My husband picked out this candle--and he picked a winner. I’m a huge fan of the smell of clove; it is so perfectly spicy. It reminds me of gingerbread! This candle promises “musk-infused oakwood” scent with “warm amber, spiced evergreen, and autumn herbs alongside clove and vanilla bourbon.” It reminds me a lot of the Spiced Bourbon candle that I got at Bath & Body Works last year! It is absolutely lovely. We’ve been enjoying having it in our bedroom the last month or so.

3. Sage & Citrus from Yankee Candle

I rarely buy Yankee Candles full price; you can often find them at stores like TJ Maxx for about half off, which is pretty decent. That’s how I found this Sage & Citrus scented candle. This is a less stereotypical Fall scent, but if you’re looking for something that is a little more herby and light, it is absolutely perfect. I love the smell of citrus, but especially around Autumn, I like for everything to be more orange-scented. This candle has notes of lavender, as well as patchouli and musk, so it’s perfect for a more “masculine” scent.

It's Time for a Blogtober Round Up: My Favorite Posts

It's Time For a Blogtober Round Up | Writing Between Pauses

I'll be sharing my final thoughts about Blogtober next month... but can I just say? I'm so excited that I set this goal and I met it! Blogging challenges can be very difficult; it's so easy to lose steam halfway through or to get overwhelmed. And there were a few days where I thought: should I really be taking this on? Is this just too much? 

But I persisted. At the end of this month, I will have published 31 posts in the month of October. 31! That's insanity. That's more than I published for the entirety of a bundle of months between January and August... I really lost my blogging stride midway through this year, but I'm rounding back to enjoying it again. And I really think Blogtober is to thank for that. 

I wanted to share my five favorite Blogtober posts. I wrote so many, it was hard to pick favorites, but these are ones that I just really enjoyed writing, creating, and editing. I hope you enjoyed them as much! 

1. 3 Outfits Perfect for the Pumpkin Patch

2. My Favorite Autumn Activities 

3. 4 Ideas for Fun Fall Dates

4. 4 Outfits for Rainy Days

5. What's In My Make Up Bag?

7 Perfect Autumn Accessories Under $50

7 Perfect Autumn Accessories Under $50 | Writing Between Pauses

Originally, this post was going to be all spooky accessories. I know, I know! It’s a bit of a copout. But I couldn’t find any cute, creepy, spooky, but not cheesy and garish, accessories. A lot of the stuff I found was cute, but very Halloween and not something the average person would be able to wear day-to-day. Even in my job that has a very lax dress code, I would get some stares! 

However, I did find some super, super cute Fall accessories. Now, to me, accessories is everything from make up to scarves, so that’s what I put together. Let’s get started!

1. The Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette, $45

Very few make up palettes have really gotten my attention the past few months. Everything is warm neutrals! Warm neutrals! Every new palette is just warm neutrals! And if a palette isn’t all warm neutrals, beauty gurus are only doing warm, neutral, orange-y brown looks. I’m so bored by warm neutral orange-y brown eye looks and palettes. I’m bored! Excite me!

This palette excites me. I know there are very mixed reviews about Too Faced eye shadows, but I personally love them and this palette is giving me such lovely fall vibes… I want it so bad. I love my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette but sometimes I want some more matte shades, especially in the pink-purple family. This palette fits the bill beautifully. 

2. Fall Leaf Print Case, $40

I love clear phone cases. I know the big, Otterbox style ones protect your phone better, but I cannot stand how they feel in my hand. I love this simple, Fall leaf printed case. So pretty and affordable enough that when Winter comes along, you can just switch it out! 

3. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss, $34

Listen, we’re all on top of Fenty right now. But have we talked about how universally pretty this lip gloss is? It looks good plain. It looks good over lipstick. It looks good on pale girls, on dark girls, on in-between girls. It looks good on everyone and it gives everyone the perfect rose-hued lips. Drop everything. Go and buy this lip gloss. You need it! 

4. L.L. Bean Wool-Blend Scarf, $50

Nothing beats a good Autumn scarf—and this one is really calling to me. I personally love plaid and I love a larger blanket scarf. This blue color will look lovely with a maroon or olive green sweater and jeans—or with a plain, sheath dress and jacket for a meeting. 

5. Ugg's Women's Cable Knit Socks, $39 

Last Christmas, everyone got me socks. They know me extremely well. These boot socks from Uggs are some of my favorite because they’re so warm and cozy, but they’re loose-knitted enough to fit over my calves (this is often a problem I have with socks). 

6. Leaf Charm Bracelet, $57

This bracelet reminds me of a fairy princess. It’s just whimsical and pretty enough to be special, but without being over the top. I love the color scheme. Please imagine it with a twee little dress (like this one) and knee high boots. So cute. 

When I originally made this list, this bracelet was in stock, but is currently sold out. Oops! Here are some similar bracelets: 1 and 2

7. Leaf Bracelet Stack, $7

This is definitely a little more boho than the other bracelet, which is why I included both. I love that it’s slightly rugged looking—almost like something a Mirkwood elf from Lord of the Rings would wear. I imagine it being paired with a cozy, oversized sweater (in mustard yellow) with distressed jeans rolled up over motorcycle boots. 

My Absolute Favorite Autumn Activities (+ A Cute October Bucket List!)

My Absolute Favorite Autumn Activities | Writing Between Pauses

My birthday is October 20, so it’s safe to say that my birthday always has memories of Autumn activities: pumpkin patches, hay rides, carving pumpkins, making costumes… you name it, I probably did it on my birthday! I love pumpkin pie, apples, popcorn balls, and anything cinnamon spiced; I never pass up an opportunity to go to a pumpkin patch. 

I’m a certified Fall Baby. 

For this reason, I always have an Autumn bucket list that I like to turn to. This year, I decided to separate it into two months: October and November. These are two distinct lists dedicated, really, to my two absolute favorite holidays. What’s my October Bucket list? Keep reading!

…But first, let’s talk about my top 3 favorite Autumn activities. 

1. Picking out pumpkins.

The time for pumpkin patches is so short, I really like to get my fill as early as possible—mostly to avoid having to tromp through a muddy field! By mid-October in Oregon, the rains have usually set in, which means pumpkin patches can be a bit of a mess. I like to go early and find the perfect few pumpkins (I always get a large, round pumpkin, a smaller round pumpkin, and then a “funky” shaped pumpkin—just because I worry no one wants those ones and they deserve love too!), then spend future visits just taking photos and walking through the farm stands. 

2. Making my first batch of October cookies. 

What is it about baking that’s…different in October? My favorites cookie recipes in October are my super soft ginger cookies or s’mores cookies (you read that right). And while I make these outside of Autumn, they just taste different when it’s a little bit cloudy out and a little bit cooler. 

3. Collecting leaves. 

I always press a few leaves into my journal in the Fall—usually if I find any vibrant red or orange ones, I like those best, but I also don’t mind the more common yellow leaves. I make it my mission every year to find a larger variety of shapes and color variations, then I press them in my encyclopedia and paste them in my journal. This is something I look forward to all year long. 

Want a copy of my bucket post? Just click the image to download it!

4 Easy Autumn Outfits Perfect for October

4 Easy Autumn Outfits | Writing Between Pauses

To really kick off blogtober, what better than to post some gorgeous Autumn outfits? 

The thing I look most forward to every year when it comes to Fall is finally being able to wear my flannel shirts, sweaters, and huge collection of boot socks every single day. It really doesn’t get better than that to me! I decided to round up some of my favorite Autumn outfits from around Polyvore to show off some of this year’s best trends. (And pssst, I made all of these ones!) 

1. Cozy Grandma

The hippest grandma you’ve ever seen! I’m a sucker for a cozy cardigan and you can find ones like this for great prices at Maurices right now. Add in a flouncy floral skirt, an easy tank top or t-shirt, and your favorite oxford heels (I know these are a little 2012, but I still think they’re cute!). As it gets colder, you can add black tights, a heavier undershirt, and your favorite coat to keep the cuteness going. 

2. Colorblock & Jeans 

This may be called A Winter Day, but it works for a breezy Fall day too. I love a color blocked sweatshirt; you can find similar ones here and here. Add in your favorite skinny jeans rolled up over some cute boots for a very punk 80s feel and you’ve got yourself a cute outfit for milling around the house, going out to lunch, or going to the pumpkin patch. 

3. Jumper Madness 

Listen: I love these overall skirts. I love them. I own two. That’s right: two. This one is originally from Topshop, but you can find a similar, all black one here. Add a cozy long sleeve (or a turtleneck!), some cute flats, and your favorite bag and you’ll rock that 1970s Autumnal university student vibe. 

4. Sweater Dress

I’m obsessed with this sweater dress, but unfortunately, it’s sold out. I found some other, equally cute dress options here, here, and here, but none that really fall into that “chunky knit, baggy sweater dress in a perfect mustard yellow” niche. (But trust me when I say, watch this space, because I will find a better sweater dress option!) Pair with some cozy over-the-knee socks and your favorite pair of booties, and this is such a cute date outfit, it actually makes me want to plan an Autumn date ASAP. 

Do you have a favorite Autumn outfit? Share with me in the comments! 

5 Polyvore Sets for Ultimate Late Autumn Outfit Inspiration

I love Polyvore. Where else can you find outfit inspiration, make up inspiration, and shopping all in one place? You can follow me on Polyvore here, but I thought I'd share 5 of my favorite sets for late autumn. 

I'm dying over this yellow moto jacket!! This is definitely a brighter color palette than the typical autumn outfit--but if you live in a warmer climate, it'd be absolutely perfect. If you're in one of those places that starts getting snow in November, however, you could add tights, replace the flats with boots, and still be stylin'. 

I'm a sucker for shirt dresses--so combining a great plaid with a tried-and-true silhouette is a no-brainer. I really love a long cardigan as well. I wouldn't personally wear over-the-knee boots (because do they even make them wide calf?), but I do love the bright boots as an accent. 

I'm kind of obsessed with sweaters featuring deer heads. That's probably weird, right? Either way, this one is adorable and definitely fits the whimsical autumn theme. I'd replace the shoes with boots, personally, and nix the frilly socks. 

Remember American Horror Story: Coven? For whatever reason, this outfit strikes me as what Missy would wear if she was a swamp witch somewhere that actually had seasons. Right? I love the muted green color scheme, the herbology elements, and of course, those boots. Witchy. If we can't be witchy in autumn, then when can we be witchy? 

Of all the sets, this is the one I can most definitely see myself wearing. Because I own a similar jacket, similar shoes, similar scarf, and a similar bag. So I've pretty much got it set. I love combining gray and brown and think it's the perfect way to merry typical autumn and winter color schemes. 

Want more style inspiration? Follow my Style Pinterest board!

If Loving Fall Makes Me Basic, Then I Guess That's What I Am

I look forward to fall every year. If I could, I would wear leggings and sweaters everyday. I really love boots (even though very rarely do they fit my legs correctly). I covet scarves and thick knitted socks and cable knit sweaters. I run a stupidly popular Fall-themed tumblr blog. I anxiously wait for Pumpkin Spice Latte season at Starbucks (but not because I love Pumpkin Spice Lattes). I just really love Fall and I always have. 

Loving fall seems to have become a bit of a "thing" recently. Perhaps it's the spread and scope of the internet, or the fact that we are all vaguely competing with each other via social media over who has the most covetable life, but it just seems that people say "I'm SO excited for Fall" way more than they used to. There are whole groups of "Fall people" who I never would have labeled as fall people previously. Having known them since high school or college, I would have thought they purely lovers to the spring or summer, sun worshippers who function best in teeny-tiny shorts and tank tops. 

My love of fall stems from two things: my utter contempt for the summer and my birthday. My birthday is October 20, so I'm firmly "team fall" when it comes to the best time of year for birthdays. And I've always hated summer. Recently, I finally decided that the reason I always hated summer was because summer time was a stretch of three months of loneliness for me as a kid. Going to private school in a different town from where I lived meant I couldn't really just pop over to my friends for a visit. This might mean that in a summer, I might see my friends once, if at all, in that long stretch of three months--which meant I started every single school year feeling like the new kid. Being lonely during the summer was part of who I was, just another part of my personality. Summer's sucked, but fall meant friendships again. 

Get Off My Internets famously has a forum where bloggers are called out for who mentions fall earliest. I actually think this is hilarious because some people start prepping for fall in, like, July. As much as I'd like to be one of those people, I just physically can't and the idea of publicly discussing my desire for fall seems to edge on the side of "too much." 

Loving fall has become one of the checkboxes of being basic. Do you love leggings, Uggs/boots, and Starbucks? Well then, you might just be basic. 

This puts fall lovers who are perhaps not basic at heart in a strange position: how can you celebrate the start of September (the meteorological start of fall) without being annoyingly basic? 

The fact is, in the age of the internet, you can't. If you love fall, there is always going to be a summer lover glaring at you as you unpack Halloween decorations on September 1st, 12:01am, and pull your sweaters out of storage. There is always going to be one person who wonders why you can't just appreciate the season that's happening. There's always going to be one Debbie Downer, or one person who hates autumn, or one person who just doesn't like seeing other people excited. It doesn't make them bad. Just like loving fall, and wearing boot socks in 90-degree September weather, doesn't make you crazy. 

There is also one important thing to remember: it's ok to like things, even if they're kind of lame. I fully admit my love for fall, for salted caramel mochas from Starbucks (yes, I know they are about 85% syrup; yes, I know they contain about a day's worth of calories; no, I do not care, they taste amazing), for off-brand Uggs, for boot socks and leggings and sweaters. I rush into fall because it's my favorite season and if that makes me basic, then I guess I'm pretty basic... but at least I'm having fun, right?