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7 Perfect Autumn Accessories Under $50

7 Perfect Autumn Accessories Under $50 | Writing Between Pauses

Originally, this post was going to be all spooky accessories. I know, I know! It’s a bit of a copout. But I couldn’t find any cute, creepy, spooky, but not cheesy and garish, accessories. A lot of the stuff I found was cute, but very Halloween and not something the average person would be able to wear day-to-day. Even in my job that has a very lax dress code, I would get some stares! 

However, I did find some super, super cute Fall accessories. Now, to me, accessories is everything from make up to scarves, so that’s what I put together. Let’s get started!

1. The Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes Palette, $45

Very few make up palettes have really gotten my attention the past few months. Everything is warm neutrals! Warm neutrals! Every new palette is just warm neutrals! And if a palette isn’t all warm neutrals, beauty gurus are only doing warm, neutral, orange-y brown looks. I’m so bored by warm neutral orange-y brown eye looks and palettes. I’m bored! Excite me!

This palette excites me. I know there are very mixed reviews about Too Faced eye shadows, but I personally love them and this palette is giving me such lovely fall vibes… I want it so bad. I love my Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette but sometimes I want some more matte shades, especially in the pink-purple family. This palette fits the bill beautifully. 

2. Fall Leaf Print Case, $40

I love clear phone cases. I know the big, Otterbox style ones protect your phone better, but I cannot stand how they feel in my hand. I love this simple, Fall leaf printed case. So pretty and affordable enough that when Winter comes along, you can just switch it out! 

3. Fenty Beauty Lip Gloss, $34

Listen, we’re all on top of Fenty right now. But have we talked about how universally pretty this lip gloss is? It looks good plain. It looks good over lipstick. It looks good on pale girls, on dark girls, on in-between girls. It looks good on everyone and it gives everyone the perfect rose-hued lips. Drop everything. Go and buy this lip gloss. You need it! 

4. L.L. Bean Wool-Blend Scarf, $50

Nothing beats a good Autumn scarf—and this one is really calling to me. I personally love plaid and I love a larger blanket scarf. This blue color will look lovely with a maroon or olive green sweater and jeans—or with a plain, sheath dress and jacket for a meeting. 

5. Ugg's Women's Cable Knit Socks, $39 

Last Christmas, everyone got me socks. They know me extremely well. These boot socks from Uggs are some of my favorite because they’re so warm and cozy, but they’re loose-knitted enough to fit over my calves (this is often a problem I have with socks). 

6. Leaf Charm Bracelet, $57

This bracelet reminds me of a fairy princess. It’s just whimsical and pretty enough to be special, but without being over the top. I love the color scheme. Please imagine it with a twee little dress (like this one) and knee high boots. So cute. 

When I originally made this list, this bracelet was in stock, but is currently sold out. Oops! Here are some similar bracelets: 1 and 2

7. Leaf Bracelet Stack, $7

This is definitely a little more boho than the other bracelet, which is why I included both. I love that it’s slightly rugged looking—almost like something a Mirkwood elf from Lord of the Rings would wear. I imagine it being paired with a cozy, oversized sweater (in mustard yellow) with distressed jeans rolled up over motorcycle boots.