October 2017

3 Easy Autumn Make Up Routines

3 Easy Autumn Make Up Routines | Writing Between Pauses

I love make up, but I tend to wear the same looks every day. Either a brown-toned or rusty-pink toned eye look, the same blush every day, and really similar lipstick every day. (I'll cop to admitting way too many lipsticks, but really only wearing 4-5 colors.) 

For that reason, I've been looking for new looks to try. I wanted to share some lovely bloggers and YouTubers in this post and avoid the "big beauty gurus" (you know who I'm talking about). I think you'll love these three looks--I can't wait to emulate them with my make up collection! 

1. Grungy/Matte Autumn Look from Rachel Leary 

Personally, I've been on the hunt for the perfect oxblood lipstick for ages; I think I finally found one recently. Paired with a cranberry eye look, it's lovely for a late Autumn glam look (like on Thanksgiving)! 

2. Everyday Autumn Makeup Look from Emily at Under the Scottish Rain 

I love this lovely, bright look from Emily at Under the Scottish Rain. An understated eye look with a bright lip is so lovely, especially when the weather outside is getting cold and rainy (or snowy!) Check out Emily's post here

3. Fall Make Up Tutorial from Chezza Bee

This make up tutorial from Chezza Bee is so lovely and such a traditional, pretty Autumn look. A copper-y eye with a mauve-y nude lip? So in right now and really, really pretty. 

4 Ideas for Fun Fall Dates

4 Ideas for Fun Fall Dates | Writing Between Pauses

For me, Fall always reminds me of cozy days spent indoors, usually alone, or just watching movies. But it's also a good time to get a few last fun dates in before the weather gets too atrocious. Danny and I like to plan fun family activities together, but sometimes, it's nice to get out of the house just the two of us. He helped me put together a list of 4 fun date ideas, perfect for Autumn. 

1. Bake cookies together. 

This is a fun indoor activity for when it's a little rainy or cold outside. Who doesn't love baking cookies? And if you have a toddler or baby (like we do), it's something they can have fun with too. Baking, or cooking a dinner, together can be really fun, especially if it's not something you usually do as a pair. I am the primary cook in my house, but sometimes, Danny likes to help out and we have so much fun every time. I highly recommend these maple cookies or these chocolate shortbread cookies

2. Have a cozy picnic. 

This was Danny's suggestion: load up the car with blankets and your favorite snacks, stop at Starbucks to get some hot cocoa or coffee, and drink to a lake or mountain. Open the back of your car, create a nest, and cuddle up. We drive a hatchback, so this is something we used to do pretty often, but haven't in a while. Might be time to bring it back! 

3. Go apple picking. 

Is this the standard Fall date idea? Yes. Is it still fun? Oh yes it is! Apple picking is one of my favorite things to do, because at the end you have a ton of apples. You can use them to plan another date where you bake apple pies, make applesauce, or preserve them in your favorite way. How fun is that? 

4. Go wine tasting. 

This is Danny & I's favorite thing to do together. We love visiting wineries, trying new wines, and listening to live music at our favorite places. Most metro areas have at least one winery close by or a restaurant that offers wine sampling. We love trying new wines together and finding new favorites. It's affordable and adventurous, and if you visit an actual winery, you can actually see the grapes on the vine--which is always really novel to me! 

Things I Love: October 7

Things I Love October 7 | Writing Between Pauses

Remember that Inspiration Sunday post I did? Well, waaaay back when I first started blogging everyone used to do Things I Love posts… especially Things I Love Thursdays (TiLT). It was a staple of blogging. When you had nothing else to write about, you’d do a TiLT. Boring week? TiLT. Feeling a bit bored with your blog? TiLT. It was easy. And, honestly, it was fun. 

Blogging can feel a bit stuffy now. Everyone trying to think of the best clickbait titles, trying to make the best Pinterest-worthy graphics, trying to write evergreen content. Siiiigh. 

In Blogtober, I wanted to take things back to what I originally loved about blogging… that sometimes you just put up… whatever. that you posted the things that were really happening in your life. Nothing glossed over. No perfect photos of your curated living room. No boomerangs of your vacation that ignored your lost luggage or the fact you cried for 20 minutes because you missed your dog. We wrote honestly back then. And while it’s not better or worse now, it’s just different—but I do miss a little bit of that rawness. 

I say, let’s bring back the TiLT. Let’s make this a thing again. Ok, I’ll make it a thing again. Here’s what I’m loving this week. 

1. My One Line a Day journal

I was inspired to get a One Line a Day journal by both Charlotte and one of my mom friends. My mom friend has a toddler a few months younger than Forrest and while we’ve both always been journal keepers, it is much harder to keep up on after having children. Some nights I can write for hours; others, I can barely lift the pen. It just depends! However, a One Line a Day format gives me the space to just write one fun or important thing that happened. Recent entries include Forrest saying something particularly funny or what we made for lunch together or how he made me sad that he destroyed the Halloween gingerbread house we built together. Just little things! 

2. Family Trips

My husband and I decided, before Forrest was born, that we would try not to do a ton of gifts for birthdays and Christmas (and other gift-focused holidays). We wanted to focus on creating experiences for him, whether that is a party, taking him on a day trip, or taking him on a longer vacation. For Forrest's birthday, we decided to visit the aquarium; I got him a few books for birthday gifts and our relatives got him some presents, but our gift to him was an aquarium trip. He loved it! And it was so much more fun for all of us to have a nice drive to the coast, visit the aquarium, get lunch together, and then get ice cream together. 

3. And That's Why We Drink

If you know me, you know I'm an absolute podcast addict. I have a weekly schedule and I look forward to my favorites every week. I've recently been binging a new favorite: And That's Why We Drink. It's a paranormal and true crime podcast. Sometimes in the true crime community, I feel out of place because I also love paranormal stuff--but this podcast combines the best of both worlds. Like My Favorite Murder, I love that it is a less serious take and is just two friends talking to each other. While I love podcasts like Casefile and In Sight, sometimes I just want something more casual and this absolutely fits the bill. I tip my milkshake to Em and Christine. 

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My Absolute Favorite Autumn Activities (+ A Cute October Bucket List!)

My Absolute Favorite Autumn Activities | Writing Between Pauses

My birthday is October 20, so it’s safe to say that my birthday always has memories of Autumn activities: pumpkin patches, hay rides, carving pumpkins, making costumes… you name it, I probably did it on my birthday! I love pumpkin pie, apples, popcorn balls, and anything cinnamon spiced; I never pass up an opportunity to go to a pumpkin patch. 

I’m a certified Fall Baby. 

For this reason, I always have an Autumn bucket list that I like to turn to. This year, I decided to separate it into two months: October and November. These are two distinct lists dedicated, really, to my two absolute favorite holidays. What’s my October Bucket list? Keep reading!

…But first, let’s talk about my top 3 favorite Autumn activities. 

1. Picking out pumpkins.

The time for pumpkin patches is so short, I really like to get my fill as early as possible—mostly to avoid having to tromp through a muddy field! By mid-October in Oregon, the rains have usually set in, which means pumpkin patches can be a bit of a mess. I like to go early and find the perfect few pumpkins (I always get a large, round pumpkin, a smaller round pumpkin, and then a “funky” shaped pumpkin—just because I worry no one wants those ones and they deserve love too!), then spend future visits just taking photos and walking through the farm stands. 

2. Making my first batch of October cookies. 

What is it about baking that’s…different in October? My favorites cookie recipes in October are my super soft ginger cookies or s’mores cookies (you read that right). And while I make these outside of Autumn, they just taste different when it’s a little bit cloudy out and a little bit cooler. 

3. Collecting leaves. 

I always press a few leaves into my journal in the Fall—usually if I find any vibrant red or orange ones, I like those best, but I also don’t mind the more common yellow leaves. I make it my mission every year to find a larger variety of shapes and color variations, then I press them in my encyclopedia and paste them in my journal. This is something I look forward to all year long. 

Want a copy of my bucket post? Just click the image to download it!

4 Easy Autumn Outfits Perfect for October

4 Easy Autumn Outfits | Writing Between Pauses

To really kick off blogtober, what better than to post some gorgeous Autumn outfits? 

The thing I look most forward to every year when it comes to Fall is finally being able to wear my flannel shirts, sweaters, and huge collection of boot socks every single day. It really doesn’t get better than that to me! I decided to round up some of my favorite Autumn outfits from around Polyvore to show off some of this year’s best trends. (And pssst, I made all of these ones!) 

1. Cozy Grandma

The hippest grandma you’ve ever seen! I’m a sucker for a cozy cardigan and you can find ones like this for great prices at Maurices right now. Add in a flouncy floral skirt, an easy tank top or t-shirt, and your favorite oxford heels (I know these are a little 2012, but I still think they’re cute!). As it gets colder, you can add black tights, a heavier undershirt, and your favorite coat to keep the cuteness going. 

2. Colorblock & Jeans 

This may be called A Winter Day, but it works for a breezy Fall day too. I love a color blocked sweatshirt; you can find similar ones here and here. Add in your favorite skinny jeans rolled up over some cute boots for a very punk 80s feel and you’ve got yourself a cute outfit for milling around the house, going out to lunch, or going to the pumpkin patch. 

3. Jumper Madness 

Listen: I love these overall skirts. I love them. I own two. That’s right: two. This one is originally from Topshop, but you can find a similar, all black one here. Add a cozy long sleeve (or a turtleneck!), some cute flats, and your favorite bag and you’ll rock that 1970s Autumnal university student vibe. 

4. Sweater Dress

I’m obsessed with this sweater dress, but unfortunately, it’s sold out. I found some other, equally cute dress options here, here, and here, but none that really fall into that “chunky knit, baggy sweater dress in a perfect mustard yellow” niche. (But trust me when I say, watch this space, because I will find a better sweater dress option!) Pair with some cozy over-the-knee socks and your favorite pair of booties, and this is such a cute date outfit, it actually makes me want to plan an Autumn date ASAP. 

Do you have a favorite Autumn outfit? Share with me in the comments!