Hello Fall!

Not to be one of those people--except that I'm totally one of those people--but it's September. 

That means it's Fall. 


It's here! 

It's time for sweaters and warm coffee, boots with thick socks and leggings, red leaves and pumpkins. Everything is going be crisp and spicy and awesome now. 

I'm a total Fall lover. I hate Summer--I hate it, viscerally and totally. I hate being too warm unless it's cold outside--in which case, I'll sit in my house, wrapped in a blanket, in leggings and sweaters, with a heater aimed at me. Awesome. 

These are the best months. September will be Forrest's first birthday; I'll be launching a very exciting project on September 9 (you can learn more on my Twitter!); and we'll be able to indulge in all those awesome Fall activities very, very soon. 

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