How I'm Decorating For Autumn

I love Fall. I love decorating my house in small ways for it too. Since Forrest's birthday party is "rustic Fall festival" themed, I have a ton of Fall-themed decor in my house--that I will be recycling post-party for our house and porch. Here are a few projects I'm working on that are simple, cheap, and easy. 

1. Spray painting small pumpkins and mason jars. 

I bought a small pie pumpkin for quite cheap and I spray painted it bronze, alongside some mason jars and wine bottles that I've been hoarding. Then, I used some burlap twine around the mouths of the mason cars and stem of the pumpkin. So cute and perfect for candles outside on the porch on Halloween. 

2. Use cheap trick-or-treat pails for flower pots. 

I love this tutorial for spray painting trick-or-treat pails to use for flower pots on the porch! So affordable. I've been on the hunt for cheap pails for weeks and I'm hoping I'll hit gold at the dollar store this week. These will be super cute for holding cards at Forrest's birthday party and then repurposing for (fake) plants on the porch. 

3. Making tin can candle holders. 

Can you tell I love tea lights? For Forrest's party, and our house post-party, I've been making tin can candle holders. Every time I use something canned, I trim the edge well and then sand it to keep it from being too sharp; then it goes through the dishwasher. Then, I use Gorilla Glue to glue on some orange-and-brown plaid burlap that I got at Hobby Lobby. Once that's dry, I add a little tan burlap flower (also from Hobby Lobby). They're SO cute. 

4. Using lanterns to display Fall ephemera. 

I have a little red lantern (with a door) from Ikea that I've never really used. I'm going to stuff it full of leftover Fall fake flowers, leaves, and baby pumpkins and hang it on the porch for additional cuteness. 

Hello Fall!

Not to be one of those people--except that I'm totally one of those people--but it's September. 

That means it's Fall. 


It's here! 

It's time for sweaters and warm coffee, boots with thick socks and leggings, red leaves and pumpkins. Everything is going be crisp and spicy and awesome now. 

I'm a total Fall lover. I hate Summer--I hate it, viscerally and totally. I hate being too warm unless it's cold outside--in which case, I'll sit in my house, wrapped in a blanket, in leggings and sweaters, with a heater aimed at me. Awesome. 

These are the best months. September will be Forrest's first birthday; I'll be launching a very exciting project on September 9 (you can learn more on my Twitter!); and we'll be able to indulge in all those awesome Fall activities very, very soon. 

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