5 Desktop Wallpapers to Make You Feel Like the Dream Girl You Are

Maybe it's lame, but I really do believe that when you think something, it becomes true. It's like in Wild when Cheryl writes about how fear is just a story we tell ourselves--so to conquer fear, we have to just tell a different story. 

I recently reread Wild and I've been using that to help confront the things that, well, are still holding me back. Anxiety is just a story I fell myself: this might happen, or maybe this will happen and you'll be embarrassed, or why start? What if you fail? 

To overcome those things, I have to confront them. 

A big part of this is motivating myself to be better: to follow my dreams, to do the things I love simply because I love them (not because I need to be perfect at them). It's a hard thing to do. I truly believe that seeing the same message every day--whether it's "You got this" or "things will get better"--makes a difference. Heck, it can even just be something I enjoy looking at that will remind me, hey, tell yourself the other story... not the scary one. 

Here are a few wallpapers for your desktop or laptop to remind you that, no matter what, you're a dream girl.