It's My Birthday!

It's My Birthday! | Writing Between Pauses

I'll be honest, I'm never sure what to write for birthday posts! As I've gotten older, my birthday means less and less to me. It's just another day; I still have responsibilities and I can't just stop everything to celebrate.

I also hate receiving gifts these days. I like the idea of it, sure, but I am always very aware of how much stuff I have (too much, actually) and how I should be purging what I have instead of just acquiring more. 

So on my 29th birthday, what do I have to say? 

The last year has been a big one. I've dealt with a lot of serious anxiety; instead of getting better, I've found my anxiety getting worse--but my awareness of it, and how it has changed my health, has increased. How's that for mixed blessings? I've also had a lot of fun: going to Disneyland, taking Forrest on road trips, watching him learn so much in the span of a year... it hasn't been all bad, certainly. 

I think we all tend to take birthdays very seriously and in the current social and political climate, it's hard to find joy in little things. So I've decided today (and today only, because my resolve is terrible), I'm turning off social media and spending the day doing the little things I love. Watching Sesame Street with Forrest. Making us our favorite lunch (mac and cheese with chicken & broccoli). Going to the park. The little things that I so often find myself taking advantage of. 

Here's to another year! Thanks for reading my blog, as always.