Things I Love: October 21

Things I Love: October 21 | Writing Between Pauses

I have written this post three times, thanks to my fabulous internet. For real though, it's getting obnoxious to write the same thing over and over again! However, I can't believe I'm on the downhill slide of Blogtober; this month has gone by surprisingly fast, but I've been loving getting in the groove of writing one or two blog posts a day! It's definitely going to help once NaNoWriMo is here. 

As a brief shout out, I have to mention Sian at Rebel Angel for her recent Reading, Watching, Listening, Doing post. I love reading what other's are up to (hello, I'm permanently nosy) and I love getting recommendations from my fellow bloggers. 

Without further ado, here's what I'm loving this week. 

1. Dirty John

Guys. I'm so sorry. But I'm starting with another podcast recommendation. I listen to a lot of podcasts, ok? I love podcasts! This one was really interesting. It's about a guy named John Meehan who is known as, you guessed it, Dirty John. Long story short, he's a conman. The podcast is gripping, start to finish, and the last episode literally shocked me so much, I had to pause it to collect myself. You can listen to the podcast on your fave podcasting app, but you can also read the entire thing on the LA Times website, here

2. My birthday

For the last few years, I've fallen into the habit of seeing my birthday as a non-day. I found (ok, I still find) it really obnoxious when people made a big hubbub about their birthdays, especially after the age of about 24. As someone who is constantly working, my birthday was usually just another workday or, if it fell on a weekend, a chance to get more things done. I hate taking breaks, after all. But this year, I really tried to let myself enjoy it, especially since it fell on one of my husband's rare days off! We went shopping, we got lunch, we had the kind of day together that we used to have. It was really lovely. 

3. This article from the Atlantic 

Do you ever read something that renews a tiny sliver of your faith in humanity? The last two weeks have been rough; I've been trying to keep up with all the Harvey Weinstein news, while also seeing nearly every single person I know post a #MeToo status. It is stressful and heartbreaking. When I was feeling overwhelmed, a story came along just when I needed it: this story of catfishing from the AtlanticNow I love the MTV show, Catfish; I can watch it on repeat for actual hours. But this article really changed the game. Summary: girl meets boy, girl falls in love, girl discovers boy is not who he said he was, girl tracks down boy who was in the actual photos, girl falls in love with that model. It's... the absolute best. Read it and feel good.