Sunday Inspiration: October 22

Sunday Inspiration: October 22 | Writing Between Pauses

Wow, another Inspiration Sunday! I skipped two Sundays in Blogtober in order to post some sponsored reviews, so I've done less of these than I expected to. However, I have a lot of things I want to share this week. So let's jump right in! 

Unfortunately, over the last month, a lot of stories about sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood (and honestly, most professions) has been coming out. I'm a big believer in putting money where my mouth is: if I say I abhor animal abuse, I have to stop using products that test on animals; if I say I abhor child abuse, I cannot watch Woody Allen movies; and if I say I will not support the abuse of women, I cannot watch movies made by people (or starring people) who abuse women, like Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp. I encourage everyone to think before they pay money to watch movies: are these people you want to support? If not, don't give them your hard earned cash. 

World Mental Health Day was earlier in October--and it's always a day that I really struggle with. I am relatively open about my mental health. I suffer from severe anxiety, sometimes so bad that I manifest physical symptoms like dry mouth and eye twitch. Specifically, in the last few months, I've been having panic attacks nearly daily. However, there are some things I just don't want to share; and seeing the above tweet reminded me that... I don't have to share. I am under no obligation to make myself a figure for mental health just because I happen to struggle with my mental health. Talking about it is a privilege that I happen to have, because I've never been made to feel like I was inadequate for it (although certainly some people don't know how to deal with how high strung I am); what I want for World Mental Health is that everyone feels like they can talk about mental health, but they don't have to. 

For my last item, let's talk about how cute this outfit is. Does anyone remember when everyone had those black flats that looked like cats around 2012? Those were the hip fashion blogging shoe. Oh and the over-the-knee tights that looked like cats too! I am not a fan of cats, but I inexplicably love clothes with cats on them; it's so kitschy and funny to me! I'm on the hunt for a pair of cat shoes now.