4 Easy Halloween Costumes

4 Easy Halloween Costumes | Writing Between Pauses

I have to confess to something: I love Halloween, but I rarely dress up. Post-college means that on Halloween, I’m usually working. If I do dress up, it’s using things from closet. I’ve dressed as Amelia Earhart (leather jacket + scarf), a burglar (striped shirt and a mask made of a torn up pillowcase), and Rosie the Riveter. 

I wanted to share 4 easy Halloween costumes for the working girl or the busy mom. These are pieces you probably have in your closet or can grab last minute (without feeling like you’re buying something you’ll never wear again). 

1. Coraline

Coraline is one of my favorite movies and one of my favorite protagonists of all time. She’s so spunky and unique. All you really need for this costume is jeans (or striped leggings) and a yellow raincoat (or a yellow dress, if you want to avoid wearing a coat all day). You can wear a blue wig or use temporary spray dye to turn your hair blue, add two barrettes, and voila! You’re Coraline! 

2. Wednesday Addams  

This is one of those costumes that’s so easy to throw together, it’s almost criminal. Just french braid your hair, put on a black dress (bonus if it has a Peter Pan collar), put on black tights or black knee high socks, and some Mary Jane shoes. Lipstick, dark eye make up, and a lock of blush is totally optional, but brings the look home. 

3. Eleven

I debated including this one because dressing up like a little kid seems a little odd—but I’d totally dress up as Coraline or Eleven, so maybe I am just a weirdo. Like Wednesday, all you need is a pink, frilly dress, a kind of bad wig, and a box of Eggos. Bonus points if you wear sneakers and dirty, 1980s tube socks.  

4. Harry Potter

Everyone has a Hogwarts tie somewhere in their closet, right? Just me? Ok, well, thankfully they’re easy to find (check Spencer’s or Hot Topic in the mall). Then, all you need is a white button up, black pants or a black skirt, black shoes, and some round glasses (which you can find for cheap at the dollar store… really). If you have time, fashion a stick into a wand. Boom! You’re a wizard, Harry!