Inspiration Sunday

Inspiration Sunday: October 28

Inspiration Sunday: October 28 | Writing Between Pauses

Happy Sunday!

October always feels like a very long month, which is good because it’s my favorite month. But as we get closer to Halloween, it starts to click in just how long this month is. Forrest has been asking nonstop to go trick-or-treating; the concept of days is still a bit strange to him, but I made him a little calendar and we cross off each day to Halloween now. He’s so excited to experience Halloween, which makes me so excited because I’ve always wanted him to love Halloween as much as I did and do! He gets to have a Halloween party at school this week, so I may have gone a little wild and made goodie bags for the other kids in his class.

This all leads me to the point of this post: what do we do when we get to a big event we have been beyond excited for?


For me, I always feel a bit ho-hum and let down after big events. A prime example is my wedding; I planned, I excitedly looked forward to, I had fun on the day and then, the next day… there were no big to do lists, no things to check, no plans. I’m somehow to works best by always having something to look forward to, a deadline to hit, and when I don’t, I find it hard to focus my energy. That’s why I liked being pregnant so much; I knew my body was working towards something very specific. That’s a little bit why I struggle with eating regularly and working out the way I know would help my body; I don’t have anything that I’m specifically working towards.

I always stress a bit how to not pass on this trait to Forrest, because, in general, it’s kind of a difficult one. Having to always set deadlines for myself to tasks so I don’t just languish on something is really challenging. So we often take to Forrest about how exciting things can be every single day, instead of just on days of big events. I try to make him excited for our regular days, by doing crafts and activities and lessons, having him help make dinner, playing games, or learning about chores—but still, I can tell he is just plain more excited for Halloween and he wants the days to hurry up so we can get to Halloween already!


The most challenging part of being a parent, for me, is looking at the big picture. It can be a pretty dismal way of looking at things, to be always focused on what positive traits I’m passing on: I want him to be tidy, like I am, and not prone to being messy, like Danny is, but I don’t want him to be obsessive about it, like I can be. When I reduce my parenting to purely “passing on positive traits,” it can get really overwhelming. And ultimately, Forrest is going to pick up what Forrest picks up!

It is more important for me, as a parent, to work on the things I can change; this shows Forrest, more than anything, that nothing is set. It’s ok to change and it’s ok to adjust your behavior and work on the things you need to improve. A lot of people are so set in their ways because they think their negative personality traits are set in stone; but that’s just not true! My indecisiveness isn’t set in stone; I can choose to work on it, to not get decision fatigue, and to have the confidence to take charge.

So whether Forrest feels let down after Halloween or not, I know I need to let him have that feeling. It's ok to feel that way. But I know it is more important for me to allow him to feel that way, but then also show him ways to keep moving forward, even after a big, exciting day.

This is a bit different of an Inspiration Sunday post. It’s been something I’ve been mulling over for the past few months. And moving forward in my 30th year (!!!) on this planet, I know it’s time to start really working through all these things. What’s inspiring you this week?

Inspiration Sunday: October 21

blogtober- october 21.png

Happy Sunday! I’ve been awake since nearly 3am (Forrest being put to bed by a babysitter really threw him off his schedule), so I decided to sit down and write this post. It’s one of those days where I feel like writing a bunch of posts at once, but let’s see if I actually get the time to dedicate to it!

Just like yesterday’s Things I Love post, this will be a bit of a different Inspiration. Because, well, it was my birthday yesterday! Danny and I went shopping yesterday; I wanted to get some birthday things, he was buying fish for his classroom (that seems like a weird trade off), and we wanted to go to lunch. I thought I’d share a few things I’m doing to help me take better care of myself, plus my birthday goodies.

Birthday Goodies

Birthday Treats
Birthday Treats 2

I had a 20% off coupon for Ulta; if you don’t get Ulta coupons, call their customer service ASAP and get signed up to receive them. (They’ll also send you the most recent one.) The awesome thing about the twice yearly 20% off everything coupons is that they work on prestige brands. So I got the Gingerbread Spice palette and the lipstick set for $60. I’ll have reviews of these coming this week, so stay tuned. I also went to Sephora and got my birthday gift; I picked the BIte Beauty gift because I love the Bite lip balm (and they’re always sold out of it at my store). I always feel bad just getting my free gift, so I bought two little Sephora overnight masks. I’ll review those soon as well!

About a week ago, Danny gave me my birthday gift early; he got me a set of tarot cards, as well as a book on witchcraft, because I told him I wanted to learn more about the tarot. I love it so much; it’s been really fun to do little readings every day and learn my deck.

L'Oreal Paris Clay Mask Blue

My last birthday gift to myself was this. I’ve been wanting to try these L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks because they’re everywhere on Instagram. However, they’re $12 at my local Wal-Mart and that’s a little bit expensive for a drugstore brand mask that isn’t even cruelty free! However, my local TJ Maxx and Marshall’s has a TON of them for $3.99. So if you’ve been wanting to try them, check first there! I’ll also have a review of these coming these week, so stay tuned.

It’s been a while since I’ve felt like I have so much stuff to review! It feels really nice!

So I’m Taking a Selfie A Day

I Started Taking Daily Selfies
What I Learned from Daily Selfies

Hi, I only pose with my hand under my chin.

Anyway, I decided yesterday that I was going to try to take a selfie a day. I find that I go days and days and days without taking photos of myself. I tend to avoid it because I don’t ever feel super great about myself; I’m usually running around and just trying to get stuff done. So the idea of stopping and paying attention to how I look takes a little bit more effort. I think it’s worth it though. Here are my first two! (I’m wearing Too Faced Hot Buttered Rum from the Christmas set in the left photo; and I’m wearing Wet’n’Wild Rebel Rose on the right.)

How’s your Sunday going?

Inspiration Sunday: October 14

Inspiration Sunday: October 14 | Writing Between Pauses

Welcome to Inspiration Sunday! I used to this posts year-round on my blog, almost 6 years ago, but gradually stopped when I started making my blog less of a diary and more of a, well, blog. However, I like to do them throughout Blogtober because they are a nice break from having to write content that requires a little more thought and research.

You can read all my Inspiration Sunday posts from last Blogtober here. Without further ado, let’s hope right back into Inspiration Sunday!

1. Making Fall Memories

One of my best Fall memories is attending a birthday party for one of my best friend’s at a local pumpkin patch. I remember it being dark when my mom came to get me and I got a goodie bag that was in one of those shiny, mylar bags that was shaped like a witch’s head. The whole ride home I babbled on and on and on to my mom about the pumpkin patch, the games we played. I don’t remember any of it, but I do remember how excited I was (and realistically, as a parent now, how overtired I was).

I think about that every time I take Forrest somewhere to do something new. At 3, he’s starting to form more solid, long-lasting memories. He remembers when he hurt his arm in April, for example. And he remembers our trip to Idaho in July. But he doesn’t remember Christmas last year. It’s funny to think he’s building his lifelong memories of Fall right now and, honestly, as someone who loves Fall… I hope I’m building good ones for him.

2. Really, Really Good Tea

One of my first Blogtober posts was about tea and I actually found two teas I mentioned at the grocery store last week. For the past 3 years, I’ve been on, essentially, a coffee bender. I’m 100% about coffee 100% of the time when I used to be exclusively a tea drinker. However, in the past few weeks, I’ve been drinking more and more and more tea—and turning to it over coffee in the afternoon. Sometimes, you just need to be inspired and honestly, Salted Caramel Chai is a great way to be inspired.

3. Comfort

There is something about Fall that makes me just want to… be comfortable. To wear big sweaters. To wear my favorite wool socks. To drink a lot of warm beverages while watching my favorite, familiar movies. I don’t want to wear high heels or tight clothes. But I’ve realized lately that sometimes I behave in ways that avoid making me uncomfortable. I don’t stretch myself in my writing, because I’m comfortable where I am and I’m “good enough”—to try more makes me uncomfortable. But sometimes, being uncomfortable can be the best thing for us. Fall is a great season, because it reminds us that things change; we can’t live in Summer forever, the leaves have to turn so that we can have Summer again. So as much as Fall makes me want to be comfortable, I’ve been trying to find ways to actively move out of my comfort zone.

Inspiration Sunday: October 29

Sunday Inspiration: October 29 | Writing Between Pauses

Welcome to another Inspiration Sunday! I can't believe I'm on the home stretch of Blogtober... I'm ramping up for NaNoWriMo and I've already got my first week of November blog posts planned. Who am I? I feel incredibly accomplished. 

I had a hard time narrowing down my last Inspiration Sunday. I had a lot I wanted to include! I decided to include some things from all of October. Let's jump right in! 

1. My Number One Spit Take of October

Um, so did anyone else not know this? I didn't know! I never knew! This changed my life: honestly, truly, changed my world. I want to shout it from the rooftop! I want to put stickers of this tweet on every magazine! I wish I had seen this when I was 15 or 16. How different my life would be... 

2. My Number One Laugh of October

This is an extended joke: I am always making fun of LinkedIn to my husband. Also, one of my favorite podcasts, Wine & Crime, had an extended LinkedIn joke in their occult crimes episode. (Which I highly recommend!) So when I saw this tweet... I started laughing so much that Forrest started doing his fake, "I know why you're laughing!" laugh too. 

3. My Number One Inspiration of October

You Are Enough | Writing Between Pauses
Don't Stop | Writing Between Pauses

Do you ever see a picture at just the right time? These two were ones I saw at just the right moment. Blogtober has been really daunting for me to take on and I'm so proud that I've made it. But at the same time, I've been working on being realistic when I set goals: it's good to be proud when you've accomplished them, but it's also ok to not finish. You're enough even if you don't hit every single goal you set for yourself. 

Sunday Inspiration: October 22

Sunday Inspiration: October 22 | Writing Between Pauses

Wow, another Inspiration Sunday! I skipped two Sundays in Blogtober in order to post some sponsored reviews, so I've done less of these than I expected to. However, I have a lot of things I want to share this week. So let's jump right in! 

Unfortunately, over the last month, a lot of stories about sexual harassment and assault in Hollywood (and honestly, most professions) has been coming out. I'm a big believer in putting money where my mouth is: if I say I abhor animal abuse, I have to stop using products that test on animals; if I say I abhor child abuse, I cannot watch Woody Allen movies; and if I say I will not support the abuse of women, I cannot watch movies made by people (or starring people) who abuse women, like Roman Polanski and Johnny Depp. I encourage everyone to think before they pay money to watch movies: are these people you want to support? If not, don't give them your hard earned cash. 

World Mental Health Day was earlier in October--and it's always a day that I really struggle with. I am relatively open about my mental health. I suffer from severe anxiety, sometimes so bad that I manifest physical symptoms like dry mouth and eye twitch. Specifically, in the last few months, I've been having panic attacks nearly daily. However, there are some things I just don't want to share; and seeing the above tweet reminded me that... I don't have to share. I am under no obligation to make myself a figure for mental health just because I happen to struggle with my mental health. Talking about it is a privilege that I happen to have, because I've never been made to feel like I was inadequate for it (although certainly some people don't know how to deal with how high strung I am); what I want for World Mental Health is that everyone feels like they can talk about mental health, but they don't have to. 

For my last item, let's talk about how cute this outfit is. Does anyone remember when everyone had those black flats that looked like cats around 2012? Those were the hip fashion blogging shoe. Oh and the over-the-knee tights that looked like cats too! I am not a fan of cats, but I inexplicably love clothes with cats on them; it's so kitschy and funny to me! I'm on the hunt for a pair of cat shoes now. 

Inspiration Sunday: October 1

Inspiration Sunday | Writing Between Pauses

It's been so long since I've done one of these posts. The few readers that have followed the evolution of my blog(s) for the last several years will remember it, possibly. Basically, Inspiration Sunday posts were sort of chatty posts I used to put up every week; they included photos I was loving, articles I'd read, memes I found exceptionally funny. All kinds of things! It's just a fun little post, nothing too crazy. 

Hopefully, you'll find some funny tweets, some pretty pictures, and other fun stuff here. This is what has struck my fancy, inspired me, or just made me laugh in the past few weeks! 

Ok, first things first... do you SEE this Christmas Collection from Fenty Beauty? Rihanna, sweetie, I'm still saving up to buy some highlighter sticks... you can't drop a palette with oil slick packaging barely a month later! Except she's going to because Rihanna doesn't listen to me. 

Since it is October, I've been craving crockpot soups, biscuits, and grilled cheese sandwiches like crazy. This garlic bread grilled cheese... honestly, how hadn't anyone made this before? 

I know this another one of my own tweets, but seriously, it's dead on. If you don't know: 1200 calories is not enough for a human to survive. I have to remind myself of this constantly, especially in a world where we are barraged with information about deprivation diets all the time, even if we aren't actively searching for that information. In September, I'd been having a really hard time on Facebook because it felt like everyone I knew was posting about how they were restricting their calories. I just needed to remind myself that that information isn't true, that it isn't safe, that it's not a way to live. 

My most recent pins on Pinterest have been all about Disneyland and Autumn. I'm really craving another Disneyland trip at the moment, but I'm trying not to be an absolute nightmare about it... although I have threatened to book a trip for just myself a few times! I've also been looking for a pumpkin shaped cup for ages, so the image on the left is giving me extreme envy! 

October 1 Tumblr | Writing Between Pauses

Ok, I know I've been huffing and puffing about Autumn for a solid 6 weeks now, but... do you ever see a picture and think, "if I could be anyone, I'd be that person"? For me, this is one of those pictures. I have a very romantic vision of Hollywood in the 70s and 80s and this picture (while it's not actually from the 70s or 80s) sort of exemplifies my vision. Don't ruin the fantasy for me, please; in my dreams, I'm a 1979 starlit wearing sunglasses and a crop top.